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    Dog wormers

    Are you feeding a lot of raw sheep meat to your dogs? Otherwise seems an excessive amount of worming? Not the 3 monthly but the extra in between. Or are you in an area where C Ovis is a particular problem.
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    When to take tups off ewes

    Better late than never. They have to lamb themselves though.
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    Lpg price

    Not sure where you are but the price here has only been around half of that and Kerosene is very pleasantly clean burning especially through modern burners.
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    Lpg price

    Change to Oil. You won't regret it. The whole LPG market is a cartel. I had my own tank for several years and had it checked for the statutory inspections which were fine until it got to 10 years old and then it was cheaper to buy a new tank.
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    CS on Traditional Orchards- unwise?

    Do you have a long term plan for the Orchards? If you are happy for them to remain and be maintained and if they are varieties of apples that may have value then they could be worth keeping and take the money. Are they traditional trees which can have sheep grazed under them? But if they are of...
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    Many thanks
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    Anyone know what weight Randall Parker pay up to? Also what price are they on at the moment? I was told that they heavily penalise lambs that are over their maximum but I have been told different weight!!
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    Electric fence kit

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    Organic Cattle Wormer

    Just one of the reasons why I wouldn't go Organic. You could house them or pen them for a couple of days after you have treated them so the active ingredient has passed through the animal.
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    Are there less lambs to be sold this season or are many still on the farms they were born? Store lambs are a good price yet most markets in this area have seen lower numbers. Finished lambs numbers have also been lower so far and may explain the price rise we are seeing at the moment. Ashford...
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    Who farms sheep in.....

    Perfect conditions for Romneys but also only lamb outside.
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    Will there be Ag support payments in 2020?

    For the foreseeable future the Agriculture Bill is dead. There may be some enthusiasm to progress the environment bill but I am not sure that gives agriculture any protection. So my guess is that the scenario will be that we continue to receive BPS as is until or if we ever leave the EU. The...
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    Countryside Stewardship Payment Period

    And they wonder why people don't take these schemes up!!
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    Is The Beef Market Turning and Anyone Want Friesian Calves?

    I have been selling store cattle for the last 6 weeks and despite the gloom and doom the job has got better every week with today some classy Lim x heifers weighing 450 kg at £860 and a good Blue x at 410 kg for £770.00. However the last few weeks I have been amazed at how low the price has been...
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    African swine flu decimating world pig population!!

    Hope it gets here soon! But I won't hold my breath.
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    African swine flu decimating world pig population!!

    The Chinese are very good at controlling markets and have so far limited the amount of imports and therefore the world price. Hopefully this control will start to slip as they get more desperate and we will see the world price rise. However one caveat of the reduction in pigs is also that grain...

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