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    Rye round pbales

    Hi all anyone have a ball park figure for tight 5ft round bales of Rye straw please. Haven't baled any for years and cart remember what it's like. Cheers
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    Rye straw

    Any one used Rye straw with Pig's on indoor finisher unit, most of the barley I normally have has been replaced with Rye this year. Cheers
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    Class variant 365 rc

    I've been offered a 2009 10,000 bale count round baler, no experience with this Baler need it for barley wheet and Rye straw any advice or thorts please.
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    JCB TM 310S fault code

    Hi all JCB TM 310S anyone with experience of fault code E 729 Engine injector bank 1 cylinders 2 and 4 Bad device or component. What am to look at? Any help much appreciated
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    Agricultural banking

    Hi all. Here in Norfolk we've lost our Barclays agricultural managers,and have to use a centralised agricultural team, no more discussing rates over coffee and hobnobs. How are others getting on with banks and are they doing the same thing. Cheers
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    Machinery transport

    Any one able to bring a weidemann from SY17 5QY Wales to NR20 5BJ Norfolk? Next week 3/4/17
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    Matbro ts280 replacement

    Hi Any thoughts on best replacement for a Matbro ts 280 7m teleporter some road work, straw trailer towing lots of bale handling,muck loading. One owner driver so needs to be reliable. Cheers