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    Setting up trailer brakes

    Take the wheel and hub off and check the condition, depth of the brake lining and clean out any debris or dried mud Check the condition of the drum, no cracks or deep groves Check the cam is not going to go over center and lock the wheel up. Also check and grease the wheel bearing when the hub...
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    Ten of us work on a big farm in the East of England. The main drivers are responsible for spraying, spreading, drilling, planting harvesting million pound crops and having to make daily decision on if to spray, spread, drill, plant and harvest. Also we do all the servicing and repairs on all of...
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    Challenger 765D

    Had one D here from new, full dealer service. Had a new short block and then failed at 5000 hours. Not as good as the C series.
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    Bunning 80 farmstar hbd

    Good spreader, on dry chicken litter, you could spread at 12m , it could struggle to spread much more.
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    Project Zetros

    Would this due to the wrong vehicle license category for towing a trailer?
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    Don't know if this link will work.
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    Swapping stub axles

    Seen this done.
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    Best dumper

    I have seen this for sale.
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    John Deere 3420

    Thanks, will have a look tomorrow.
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    John Deere 3420

    Having an fault with the boom crowed. Every now and again The crowed will lock up. The loader has to be stopped and restarted to make it work.The loader has had new joystick and ecu, but the problem is still there.
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    JD 4240s running again after 8!yrs

    I got a photo copy of the wiring loom for my JD dealer, it only shows a 2nd tractor loom. I could photo copy it and send it to you if you like?
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    Too much on your plate?

    I am sorry to read that you have been having staff problems. I would like to think you will soon have this soon sorted out, a lot of very good people out there looking for jobs just now. We will be going to LAMMA next week, think we will stop by a see how you are getting on.
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    Cat 765D

    We had one of the TNS challenger , it is a very good pulling tractor. It had a few mods in its time, it was only moved on due to needing more HP.
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    Tractor Purchase and Sales Consulting

    This has got to be a joke? Sold a tractor to Guy a few months ago. Fixed a price, sent an invoice. Rang after a week to see how things were going. Told they had not received the invoice. I was asked to email one. I did. After a week I rang and asked how things were going. Told I had not put...