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    Diesel UTV MPG

    I currently do about 13k miles per year currently on a Honda 520 which is shocking on petrol. Im thinking about getting a diesel UTV and probably will end up doing 20k miles per year. Does anyone actually know what MPG they do? It’s becoming more relevant with the price of red these days.
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    Ewe lamb wintering crop

    What’s the best fodder crop for wintering ewe lambs on? Ideally to last until April. How many acres to keep 3-400 on? I don’t think our land would be good enough for fodder beet.
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    Self Replacing Maternal Breed

    Thinking of having another breed of sheep on the farm. Want something hardy and maternal, that I can breed pure, keep replacements and sell surplus ewe lambs. Upland wet farm. What breeds would you suggest? Want to keep 2-300 of them.
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    Big Bale mould

    What causes this kind of mould in a bale of dry silage/haylage? we also struggle to get bales without mould, which is a torture when feeding to sheep. It’s supposed to be double wrapped as well. The second picture is the usual mould that we get. In the first picture it’s spots in through the...
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    Beet v Ewe Nuts

    Usually feed some beet here from December to about start of March, move on to ewe rolls from start of March. We start to lamb about 25th March. We use the beet to keep them full and we don’t use any silage. we are feeding about 1500 sheep. This year washed and delivered beet is £50, ewe rolls...
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    Feeding beet pulp and mineral on ground

    I am going to feed ewes pre and during tupping instead of expensive and lack of winter grazing. I am going to feed beet pulp and optimate minerals through a snacker. what’s the best way to get the minerals to stick to the feed? Best way to mix? I want to use the snacker because I never feed...
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    Feeding ewes pre / during tupping

    What’s people’s thoughts on a feed for pre and during tupping? Hard to get winter grass here and it’s £1 a week if you do? Plus will do away with driving around all day and those sheep that go missing, catch on briars etc. Sugar beet? Ewe nuts? Lamb pellets? Or anything else?
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    What’s killing these lambs?

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    Trace Element Testing Sheep

    Trying to increase performance from the flock. When is the best time to bleed sheep to see trace element status? Are trace element soil samples any good? Also grass samples? Is it worthwhile bleeding lambs too? Before they get any drenches?
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    Flock expansion- mules or Shetlands

    Currently running mostly blackface, want to keep this a closed flock. Will grow this organically by keeping more ewe lambs. Plan is expansion by 500 mules or 1000 shetlands. Mule gimmers £130-160 - probably would need housed over winter most likely- plan on building sheds anyway. Shetland...
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    Dropside Trailer sides

    Have a dropside trailer but sides push out with a load. Does anybody put a bar going from side to side on top or what other simple solutions to stop them bowing?
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    Winter ewe lambs inside diet

    Winter grazing here is £1 per head for lambs- that's if you can find it. Too many losses with briars, dogs etc. It's also too much travelling when the days are short- so they don't get looked as often as I'd like to. With the ever wetter winters I want to winter them inside. What's a...
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    New shed- all under one roof?

    Thinking of putting up a new shed on a greenfield site. The shed will be for housing up to about 800 sheep (about 300 ewe lambs and possible 500 ewes for a period) and possibly a few cattle just for calving. My question is, should it be one big shed or a few smaller ones? This will be near...
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    Ford 8210 loader

    Wanted- loader to fit Ford 8210 / 7910. Think one from a 7710 can be modified to fit.
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    8210 loader

    Have an 8210 that I want to put a loader on. What loader will fit? Will a 7610 loader fit if brackets are modified?
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    Temporary Straw bale sheep shed

    I was wondering if any of you have done a temporary sheep shed for lambing using straw bales and a cover? Needing something temporary for this year only. Any pictures?
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    Loader Tractor

    Looking for a budget tractor and loader. Need something big enough to handle a Guttler grandmaster on steep land. Would like to spend under 20k. What would you all recommend?