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    Kuhn vs kverneland four furrow plough

    Hi guys I’m pricing up a few four furrow ploughs. And was wondering if anyone knew which had the lighter lift requirements? The ploughs are a kv ES 80, a Kuhn 121 and a Kuhn 122. Also if anyone wants to continue the debate about which is the better plough then be my guest. I’ll be pulling the...
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    kverneland taarup bed rebuild

    Hi guys, Im currently rebuilding the bed on my 4028 kverneland Taarup. I was hoping someone here knew how to remove the intermediate gears from the bed. I have removed the bolts out of the underside of the shaft from the bottom of the bed. Does the shaft then need to be pressed out of the bed...
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    Kverneland Taarup 4028 Mower conditioner

    Hi there, I am rebuilding a 4028 I recently purchased and need to fabricate new front panels/guards including the two side panels that are rounded and fold up. The machine didn't come with sides so I don't know how the sides should fold up, and where on the frame they should be attached. I'm...