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    710/70 R42

    Looking for a pair of 710/70 R42 for a set of dual wheels, don't need to be anything special - circa 30% Cheers
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    PowrMatic Workshop Heater

    PowrMatic WorkshopHeater We are moving site and its no longer needed Complete with everything you see including power connections, cabling, control board and maybe 30-40m of ducting Fully functional, had its last service Feb '21 I can help with loading Make me an offer for it Located near...
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    John Deere Starfire 3000/6000

    Looking for a John Deere SF3000/6000 dome, I'm not that worried what activation level it is from SF1 to RTK 07719 403446 Cheers,
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    Kamas Westrup Dresser + Carier Grain Elevator

    Kamas Westrup SI-50 50-55 t/hr Installed by TNS, aside from the 1st year of install I don't think we actually ever used it Re-doing our buildings so its surplus to requirements now To include everything you see! Make me an offer - 07719 403446 Burwell, Cambs
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    Yard Clearout Pt.1 - Guards and Panels

    After years of hoarding we are finally having a spring clean of our yard. This Part 1 of a many part installment to include - Sets of NH body panels, believed to be 2 part sets - Ex- T8000 and TG200?? taken off when they were new Although the bonnet is sunfaded and needs a fibreglass repair...
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    Piusi Diesel Pump, Hose and Nozzle

    Piusi Panther 56 Pump (2020) Roughly 2m Hose and Nozzle All new and unused, wrong spec came on a new tank so we swapped them over £75
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    John Deere 592/864/990 Maxicut Baler

    Looking for a John Deere baler 592/864/990 for a 6ft bale Must be a Maxicut (chopper) and not Rotoflow Any age or number of bales considered. Many thanks,