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    Heptavac P

    I have not been able to purchase any supplies of Heptavac P and I was wondering if anyone knew how close to lambing you could use it, not wanting to upset the ewes a few days before they lamb but does anyone have any thoughts?
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    Massey 690 steering

    Hi I’ve just recently purchased a Massey 690 and the steering is v difficult, it’s stiff and it wanders just trying to locate the steering oil reservoir which isn’t obvious, now wondering if it shares the hydraulic oil which leads me to also ask where is the level plug/ dip stick for the...
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    Ewe tegs with swollen udders

    Does any one have some comment as to why some of my ewe tegs, 10%, have obvious swollen udders, they are not in lamb before anyone jumps to the obvious, they are in v good condition perhaps a bit fat and I wonder if this is the reason., they have had some good grass this spring which has been...
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    Mowers - Drum or Disc?
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    Ford 4100

    would anyone know if my Ford 4100 loader would be man enough to lift 600kg ok?
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    Mccormic intenational B414 engine rebuild

    Hi I have a Mccormic international B414 which is taking a lot of water in the sump and I am considering an engine rebuild winter project.... I don't have great mechanical skills so a couple of questions if I may. where would be the best place to buy a rebuild kit, there seem to be kits available...
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    Sheep recording software

    anyone have some thoughts or experience with sheep recording software, I have a small pedigree flock and I am looking to record all the statutory stuff and also the family trees, for use with a mobile would also be handy.