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  1. Dicky.A

    Potato harvester Scrolls ripping

    It’s a different job today after only 3 mm rain. Thanks
  2. Dicky.A

    Potato harvester Scrolls ripping

    Running rubber rollers 76mm I think. There fairly worn, will replace for next season.
  3. Dicky.A

    Potato harvester Scrolls ripping

  4. Dicky.A

    Potato harvester Scrolls ripping

    As in picture
  5. Dicky.A

    Potato harvester Scrolls ripping

    It’s the scrolls that a ripping
  6. Dicky.A

    Potato harvester Scrolls ripping

    Anyone having problems with Standen T2 scrolls ripping off?? Lifting green top crispers in very dry conditions. Running scrolls fast and clod rollers slow with minimum gap. Ripping and damaging a lot of scrolls. Are scrolls poor quality or are my settings to harsh? Are Grimme scrolls any...
  7. Dicky.A


    Suits us on sand land. Early driller, T0 definitely required. This year proteins 13.1 bushels 74-76. Straws reasonable. What other milling varieties are there apart from Skyfall.
  8. Dicky.A

    When to wean lambs

    Running 3 in 1 feeders. Want to nip them up and save on creep bill. Cut grazing competition. Also want to bring ewes in to dry them off, had mastitis problems in past.
  9. Dicky.A

    When to wean lambs

    Nicely got finished lambing. Wondering if I should wean at 10 weeks (mid April) or 12 weeks (start May) or later? To make best advantage of grass. Lambs on creep.
  10. Dicky.A

    Cancel your NFU membership now

    Can’t remember without looking but we get to go to a nice dinner dance once a year and there’s the one and only benefit
  11. Dicky.A

    Kale/ Turnips alternatives

    Westerwolds rye grass. Grows like mad. Less bite for them though.
  12. Dicky.A

    Feeding whole oats

    I’m on 40% oats 40% barley 20% protein pellets feeding lactating ewes. Works well. Use Dougdale protein pellets developed especially for 3 in 1s. Quite expensive but work! Bit of trail and error getting settings right.
  13. Dicky.A

    What tup for Cheviot mules

    Meatlinc from George Fell. Up and sucking in no time, stick to mothers like s#*t to a blanket. I’m lambing now and turning them outside, very hardy. Excellent carcass too.
  14. Dicky.A

    Pig muck value

    It’s priceless!! Can’t farm without arse holes!!
  15. Dicky.A

    How to do a better job of sheep farming

    We were dragging our heals with our sheep, until we changed vet. She has completely turned our sheep enterprise around. Somethings not right if scanning at 1.3, blood tests a good start, also get Tups sperm tested. Seek professional advice or change vet. Grow more turnips. If you haven’t got any...
  16. Dicky.A

    Which sheep breed

    As above. Suffolk, Charolais or crosses of, December onwards, Mules late February onwards. As day light length shortens Ewe produces melotonin which starts her cycle. Some breeds cycle sooner than others.
  17. Dicky.A

    Which sheep breed

    That can determine breed.
  18. Dicky.A

    Which sheep breed

    When are you lambing??
  19. Dicky.A

    Walking pregnant sheep

    Won’t be a problem we do it every year. Go steady and follow with quad and trailer to pick up stragglers.
  20. Dicky.A

    Do we need to bring back the NRA

    See EA getting some stick on news for not dredging the Don. Despite been told it needed doing.