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    Tm150 roof hatch removal

    Trying to take a beacon off the roof and need to get the access panel off. The usual nothing goes to plans and can’t get the screws out . What is best way to get these screws out on Tm150. Some one has been at them before me and rounded them off and the other won’t budge. Thinking of welding a...
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    T roof removal

    Trying to take a beacon off the roof and need to get the access panel off. The usual nothing goes to plans and can’t get the screws out . What is best way to get these screws out on Tm150. Some one has been at them before me and rounded them off and the other won’t budge. Thinking of welding a...
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    Hydraulic hoses.

    Called in to have a couple of 1 inch pipes about 2ft long made up to replace a burst pipe on the hedge cutter. Took the old pipes and he made them up while I waited so good service. I wasn’t in a rush so would have collected next day if required but they had nothing else to do so made them while...
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    Hot back end on New Holland t6010

    Hi, I have noticed the back end on the t6010 getting very hot. Today when I brought it back to the yard after pulling low loader with 6ton digger on for 40 minutes up and down a few hills so it was working it hard. I noticed the back end was bone dry even though it was raining. Putting my hand...
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    New Holland "Transmission low pressure warning symbol" showing.

    Hi As per the title. I am after some advice from the knowledgeable people off the forum. Yesterday morning the Transmission low pressure warning symbol came on about 15 seconds after starting the tractor. I turned the tractor off and restarted and in never came back on. I used the tractor for...
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    Box profile roof flashings.

    Hi all. I have just finished sheeting my machinery shed and just the barge board flashings to put on. Do You overlap them or but up. The flashing edges are bent over so not to be as sharp but will this stop them sitting properly? Any advice appreciated.
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    Enerpac hydraulic pump

    Hi guys. I know there are some very knowledgeable hydraulic chaps on this forum so thought i would ask if you can help. Have got this enerpac connected on the back of a milling machine to operate a clamp and it use to build up to certain pressure then just stop. Now it appears to be pumping...
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    New Holland T6010 PTO turning when off?

    Hi all I have just noticed that the pto is turning when it is not switched on. I noticed it last week and today it was showing the speed when its not engaged? I have tried to stop it by hand but it wont. Any advise much appreciated.
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    Log splitter valve

    Hi guys i have just tried the log splitter and the cylinder wouldn’t retract. It felt like the handle was stuck. I strippped the valve down and couldn’t see anything obvious but it won’t work at all now. I am not quite sure what the bit I have circled red does? I am unsure if I have put it back...
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    Doosan digger.

    Hi all. i have just bought a 6ton doosan dx 62 digger and It’s showing password error. It appears the machine has had a 4 digit code at some point but nobody knows what It is. Dealer is looking at a fortune to come out and reset it. Don’t suppose there is someone on the forum who knows how to...
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    Manchester to wrexham

    Looking for a price and availability to move a 6ton digger from Manchester to Wrexham. Wouldn’t be till late next week but depending on current circumstances. Cheers
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    Sand Blasting Trailer

    I have just bought a herbst mini low loader (10 ton 18ft long ). The paint work is scabby but the floor is chequer plate and good. What would a rough idea of price be to get it sand blasted or do i just wire brush and paint.? Also does anyone know RAL code for herbst red paint. thanks in advane
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    New holland indicator lens, original or qtp?

    Have just noticed the rear light and indicator lights have longitudinal crack in them between the clear part and the coloured part. Has anyone else had this problem, seems strange that both have done the same. I have priced the lens from local new holland dealer at £36 and have just noticed on...
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    Dewalt grease gun

    Has anyone got a dewalt grease gun? I have just ordered one and hope I have done the correct thing. I have got all dewalt stuff so made sense regarding batteries etc but they are quite a bit more expensive than the Milwaukee that a lot of people seem to have. I have bought it from America via...
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    Cobo style plugs

    I have got one of these 3 pin plugs on the back of the tractor. I want to power a flashing light for the trailer off it but what pins are positive and negative? Why are there 3 pins? The tractor is a new holland t6010
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    New holland t6010 4 wheel drive oil seal

    I have just noticed our t6010 is dripping oil from the where the 4 wheel prop shaft goes into the rear gear box. I am quite handy with the spanner but how difficult is it to replace the oil seal and is it a new holland part or can I get one from my normal bearing supplier? Will I have to drain...
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    Side rail size on 20ft bays

    I am ready to sheet my machinery shed which I have been building. It’s 20ft bays. The sheets going on the back are 7ft long steel box profile. What would people advise for the side rails. I am thinking either 6x3 timber or 80mmx80mm box section. As it’s 20ft span would the timber twist? Don’t...
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    Geotextiles under hard core

    hi I am digging out for a concrete floor for a machinery shed. It’s only for 120hp tractor and bits of kit so nothing really heavy. I have dug out 10 inch and plan on putting in 8 inch of hardcore type1 recycled stuff at £12 ton then 6 inch of concrete. Is it worth putting the membrane under...
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    adding auger unit to protch post knocker

    I am looking to mount a hydraulic auger to my Protech p230. I already have the auger which is a digga pdx2.I usually use it on a mini digger but it would be much handier on the knocker. With the ground conditions like this summer the auger would be easier on the knocker and i also have a lot of...
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    Where do you mount you dash cam?

    as per the title. Where do people mount a dash cam in the tractor? I have mine current just above the dashboard but think it doesn’t give the best view. Ideally it would go in the top right corner but the wiper doesn’t reach there! Going to hardwire it in over the weekend so need to decide on...