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  1. J

    Newark to Scotland

    Hi, Anyone coming past Newark on the A1 up to East Scotland over the next day or two? Sprayer front tank (2.1m x 1.9m ) needing uplifted. Thanks Jim
  2. J

    Cornwall to Scotland

    Mounted sprayer from Cornwall PL24 to Dundee DD9 Thanks
  3. J

    Farmers Feed The World...

    I had a bit of fun making our Christmas Card this year and it turned out better than I expected. So I thought I would turn it into a small campaign to highlight the importance of farmers to everyone on earth, every day. A non farming friend told me how she thought farmers undersold themselves...
  4. J

    Kuhn Aero pneumatic fertiliser spreader

    Kuhn Aero fertiliser spreader wanted for a researcher.. Must be in good condition. Width not too important - 12m to 24m MUST BE GPS COMPATIBLE - so it must have an LH5000 controller with GPS upgrade. What have you got? Jim