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    Squire Ultra

    Anybody know if Squire Ultra herbicide will kill dandelions? Bit of an infestation here in grass but don't want to wipe out the bit of white clover too. The label only says docks and some broadleaved weeds. It doesn't specify which weeds.
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    MF 6270 handbrake

    Can the hand brake discs be changed with just the left hand side plate off or does the right hand side need removing too? Open centre hyds and no crawler gears. Sometimes the brake works ok and I can feel resistance on the cable but other times the hand brake lever pulls up fully and then...
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    Case IH JX1100U

    Error code 2074 displayed and the red stop light flashing and alarm blaring... Code means ''FNR Not Park Switch low voltage fault''. Anybody care to interpret the meaning or what to look at please? What is a Not Park Switch??
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    Time for a new phone

    Battery life is becoming poor on my present Nokia 6 so it's time for a change. Does anyone bother with new Nokias now? Think they're all I've ever used... or what about the Google Pixel 4a or is it out dated now too?
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    Ford 555 steering problem

    Steering working to the right but not always to the left but now it's intermittent both ways. Steering wheel will turn free but not move the rams and then it'll work ok again briefly. Always works ok with the wheels off the ground. Have resealed and tested both steering rams. No leakage...
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    Rear rim/tyre size compatibility

    Anybody know if 16.9/14x28 tyres can be used on 13''x28'' rims? Cannot get 8 lug,14'' rims for a MF 165 anywhere but new 13'' are available. On 50B rims at the minute but they are set out too wide and are solid centres so can't adjust.
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    Laptop battery

    Have a Dell Inspiron laptop and the battery needs replacing. Anybody replaced theirs with a non genuine battery (at around half the price of genuine) and found it to be just as good. Are they all likely to come from the same factory in China anyway?
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    NH 7840 sldp

    PTO working ok on above tractor but speed display not showing on dash. Engine speed showing ok, just no PTO rpm. (full digital dash btw). Is there a speed sensor on these or where does the PTO rpm reading come from? @forblue
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    MF 290 4wd

    @dee @masseybreaker @Cowabunga 85 MF 290 with the NoSpin front diff lock axle.What oil for front axle and hubs please? Some oil finder searches are saying 10w30 SUTO for both and others say 75w90 or 80w90 gear oil. Haven't looked closely at it yet but are the hub drain/fill plugs on the rear...
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    Screen mirroring (I think!)

    What device do I need to connect my laptop to a smart tv wirelessly? Can do it with a HDMI cable but want to do it wirelessly. Had a quick look on Google but there's so many. Win 10 OS laptop to Samsung Smart tv.The tv's internet browser is pathetic and Facebook direct through it doesn't work so...
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    MF5455 calibration

    Anybody tell me how to calibrate the shuttle/ transmission? 2005 speedshift model. Ta.
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    Kv 3 furrow rev plough.

    Have the above plough and with the linkage raised,the middle board is noticably lower than the other 2 and, probably obviously when turned over,the middle one is considerably higher.Because of this,the middle points are then thrown out of line. Am pretty sure it's the middle one is wrong and not...
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    More EU [email protected]

    Something else they want to impose on us.....
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    2016 Defender 2.2

    Replaced the left hand front half shaft in the above back around Christmas. ABS,traction control and brake warning lights (3 Amigos,I believe!) came on immediately and haven't been out since. Owner has been driving on and noticed nothing untoward other than the lights being on. Land Rover...
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    CIH 1455xl

    Where is the transmission/backend oil filler and or dipstick/level bung on these please? Red and black model if it matters. @ih1455xl perhaps?
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    How long will it last this time?
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    JCB 520 50

    As above,1998 model.start up,set off when cold and it 'jerks' both forward and back. Will push good and spin the wheels on concrete pushing against a wall. Only very noticable for a few minutes when started from cold.Will be fine the rest of the day. Transmission full of oil and filter replaced...
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    Anybody looked at these?

    Big ad in CT magazine. JC MAC. Built in Turkey under licence it seems. JCB copy or what? Anybody purchased yet or any opinions? Never heard of them before. Hmmm, website shows one machine and that's it.
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    Tractor tax class

    Anybody got a tractor that now falls into the historic tax class? I've a MF 135 that was originally classed as agricultural machine but about 3 years ago DVLA decided it MUST be reclassed as historic. OK, it was changed and I had no problems taxing it. This year when I tried to tax it,both...
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    Loctite retaining compound

    Anybody any success with this or an equivalent brand? Have a worn housing on a JCB loadall,whereby the outer diff pinion bearing shell is very loose. Don't think there is enough metal to bore it out and fit a sleeve. Probably really needs the casing replaced but haven't found a second hand one...