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    Agents fees

    Hello I was approached by a man from a company a couple of months ago saying that my land was suitable for battery storage. I found him rather pushy and following discussions with a land agent experienced with this type of thing he recommended getting a promotion company involved. This company...
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    Letter of Authority

    Hello. I have been approached by a company saying that my land is suitable for battery storage. They seem to think that it would be 50MW on 2 acres generating £90,000 a year. It all sounds very good but he is pushing really hard for me to sign a letter of authority so that he can secure the...
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    New security locks and handles.

    Hello I had a break in at one of the buildings over Christmas. I had the locks broken off with an angle grinder on two steel personnel doors. Nothing was taken and I presume they were after diesel but I don't keep any there. They were euro cylinder locks and were keyed alike so I would prefer...
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    Wedding anniversary present.

    I don't know if any of you can beat this but we spent all yesterday trying to get an appointment for a booster dose only to be in an endless queue. I wasn't able to sleep last night and crept downstairs and was able to get on the NHS site straightaway. The wife was delighted to get a message on...
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    Jd2650 silencer.

    Hello, I have just fitted a new silencer box to my JD2650. Before I removed it I noticed that the collar connecting the turbo to the silencer was loose. After fitting the new silencer box the collar is still loose. There is exhaust gas escaping around this collar. Should I apply some high...
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    Combine radiator leak

    Hello, I have a small hole in the the very top of the combine radiator right next to the radiator cap. I had been having to add about 1 litre of coolant each day last year. What would be the best way to repair it? TIA.
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    I have some DAP to put on this spring. Does anyone know whether the nitrogen element in it behaves more like ammonium nitrate or urea when it is washed into the soil?
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    Switching banks.

    Hello, my bank has told me that I can change my business current account to another bank and get £4000 for doing so and free banking charges for 2 years. Where is the catch in all of this? Has anyone else done this successfully? It certainly seems too good to be true.
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    Connecting to shared borehole.

    Hello, I bought a 40 acre field a few years ago with a right to connect to a shared borehole. I am wanting to connect to the borehole and run a pipe into my field and fill a tank so I can do some spraying. It is a real pain to go back to the main farm to fill up. The deeds say that when it comes...
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    Shotgun pellets landing in yard.

    Hello. The field opposite my house was being combined yesterday and the local gamekeeper and his friends decided to shoot some pigeons whilst it was being done. The field is surrounded on 3 sides by housing and land they do not own. I was in the yard and got hit by one pellet on the head and the...
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    JD 2650 Overheating

    Hello, I have a John Deere 2650 and the temperature gauge is always going into the red. It sometimes comes down to midway in the green on the gauge but most of the time stays in the red, it never boils over however. I have taken the thermostat out and put it in boiling water and it opens at 82...