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  1. Jonny_2

    Sick Ewes

    Another sheep conundrum! 10 days ago we gathered a ewe up that had been out with her lamb 4/5 days, walking round in circles, star gazing and stumbling. Caught it up and its mouth was rammed with un-swallowed grass. Within 15mins of fetching it in and ringing the vet she had filled her gob...
  2. Jonny_2

    Building a bungalow

    How hard or even worth trying to build a bungalow on our 70ac farm? Currently my 66 year old mother has the farm house on her own and I live 3 miles away and drive down everyday (3 times during lambing). Dreaming of building a bungalow for mum so I can have the big house and be able to potential...
  3. Jonny_2

    Swapping to Outdoor Lambing

    Any one got any advice on swapping to outdoor lambing? Currently lamb 165 ewes and 30 hogs inside along side a full time job. I take a weeks holiday and rely on my mother to check during the day but cant do this for ever. I started to swap onto Lleyn ewes 7 years ago and the majority are pure...
  4. Jonny_2

    Direct drilling into grass

    Got a field of permanent pasture to reseed and aiming to drill straight into it. Sprayed off two weeks ago then had some p,k and lime. I want to drill straight into it however slightly concerned there is to much old grass still there. Hogs and empty ewes are on it but don’t really touch the...
  5. Jonny_2

    Weird mastitis

    Keep getting a few ewes with what looks a perfect udder yet one side has no milk at all! Udder is very hard and one big perfectly smooth lump. It’s not hot,sore to touch or red and ewes don’t seem sick. Typically find it when lambs look a bit hungry. Antibiotics and loxicom don’t seem to make...
  6. Jonny_2

    Iodine supplement for sheep

    Blood tested ewes back in December as we have bolused ewes pre-scanning for last 3 years but never tested them. Adequate for cobalt and selenium however iodine came back this week as very low. We are 6 weeks pre-lambing so have upped their cake, chucked some blocks out and going to vit drench...
  7. Jonny_2

    Break crop between grass

    Evening, going to reseed 2 more fields next spring after how well lambs have done on reseed this year. Don’t want to chance going from grass into grass again though due to leather jackets so want a break crop for summer or ideally till following spring. Next two fields are both 25+ year leys...
  8. Jonny_2

    Going weekly rate for cattle grazing

    How much would you charge someone for summer cattle grazing? I'd check them every morning? Would only want some weaned calves or bullocks and I'd check them. £3 a week?
  9. Jonny_2

    Lleyns and Mastitis

    Don't get me wrong I love my lleyns and think they suit are farm perfectly however we never had a problem with mastitis till we started with them. We've had big teats at lambing time that needed stripping out and jabbed two again this morning. Don't think we've over done them with feed before...
  10. Jonny_2

    Forage crop for summer

    Got a field of permanent grass I was going to overseed this spring but my gimmers have trashed it after the snow and rain so think I proper reseed will be best. Want a break between grass crops to reduce leather jackets and do the soil some good then cultivate and reseed early autumn. What...
  11. Jonny_2

    Combine settings for naked oats

    First year cutting naked oats with a 30ft lexion 760. Anyone got any settings? Presuming they are very light so easy to loose
  12. Jonny_2

    Water fittings

    Anyone know where I can get the fittings to rig up an IBC up to a water trough?
  13. Jonny_2

    Hay or Haylage for Sheep

    Old meadow I wanted to cut and wrap this year has gone to seed quickly, some nice clover and leafy grass in the bottom but a lot of stalk too. Is there any point in wrapping it or leave it for hay and buy more cake in?
  14. Jonny_2

    Clover safe grass spray

    Is there a spray or spray mix that will kill docks and dandelions but not clover? Struggling to establish it again so don't want to kill what I've got
  15. Jonny_2

    Introducing cattle

    Looking to introduce cattle to the farm as I have more grass than sheep and not enough time for more sheep. Ideally sucklers but haven't access to the funds to get going so considering rearing a batch of calfs November, December time when I'm not busy at work, turn out in April then sell as...
  16. Jonny_2

    Mycotoxins and Sheep

    Starting to scape the barrel for ideas here but have had a lot of still born lambs again this year and spend loads trying to find the problem and got no where, no common abortions have shown up, nor schamalenberg or borders disease. Changed feed this year and bolused but no better. Remember a...
  17. Jonny_2

    Old Meadow

    I've a 10ac field which has been in zero input for last 10yrs coming out of ELS soon. It's very heavy land ploughed twice in the 70s and never since! It grows enough grass for what we have needed but would be great if could get more out of it. It's very wet land and in about 2ac and there's a...
  18. Jonny_2

    Mineral drench for lambs

    Found out we're short of cobalt and copper last summer, lambs shitting through the eye of a needle and not finishing so blood tested them. Tested ewes for copper in September and they were fine so just bolused for Co at tupping then again at scanning with 6 month Animax bolus. Soil tests last...
  19. Jonny_2

    Still Born Lamb and Mastitis Problem

    Hi, I keep a flock of 125 ewes lambing indoors at the moment. Last year we had a lot of multiple lambs born very small or normal sized but still born. Very rarely the whole litter, normally 2 normal and 1 dead. This was followed up with an outbreak of mastitis and joint ill however we had some...
  20. Jonny_2

    Grazing Barley

    I've a no input field coming out of ELS this year which has done me well over the last 15 years however now I've got the chance I'd like to doing something more with it (once Ph etc has been sorted). Thinking of drilling barley and vetch in September for early grazing with ewes and lambs then...