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    Success of direct drilling in long term.

    Having used a Dale drill successfully for 20 years of notillage leaving all straw chopped on the surface with a mix of autumn and spring sown cash crops . I have come to the conclusion that a notillage idealist approach is maybe not the answer and we have to be flexible to aerating the soil...
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    Fungicides toxic to earthworms

    Does anyone have experience with earthworm mortality from using Epoxiconazole? i have been notill since 2003 full time leaving all residue on the surface and have noticed major decline in earthworms. My whole focus over that time was to build earthworm numbers and so this has been a major...
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    Weaving gd and soil type

    does the weaving gd handle all soil types well or are their some limitations to where this drill can work consistently well and get a great establishment?
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    Wild oat chemical resistance

    we have developed chemical resistance to wild oats and the only option in barley is a mix of either avadex and Triflur or just avadex. We have been using the Dale seedhawk drill since 2003 and the problem being New Zealand don't have registration for granulated avadex for no or low tillage. It...
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    Dale drills covercrop attachment

    i see Daledrills have posted video of their drill working at Groundswell event. How does those that have seen it working rate it compared to a weaving Gd in green,heavy residue and slightly damp conditions?