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    New mid tier agreement?

    Anyone received a new mid tier agreement yet? Thought it started 1st Jan ? Not heard anything yet & know a few others the same🤷🏻? bit frustrating…..!! Cheers dh
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    Reputable solar installer recommendations

    Hi there, looking for recommendations for a solar installation please, maybe 10kw on a shed roof near Northampton. I know there are a lot of sharks about in this job! cheers dh
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    Draper vs vario combine header

    Hi there, just after opinions on draper type headers please? Such as mcdon, Convio etc? What are maintance & running costs like? Are they worth the £ premium over a vario type? Do they increase combine efficiency vs vario? cheers dh
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    Which Impact wrench....?

    My old 24v Sealy impact wrench has died & the cost of a new battery is making me wander about just buying a new one? mostly used for changing sprayer wheels etc , 30mm nuts? Wandering about getting a 3/4” one this time but cost a fair bit more than a 1/2”? experiences/opinions? cheers dh
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    Kverneland 2020 6m tine drill

    I'm selling my KV 6m tine seeder -2020 model first used 7/2/20 -338ha from new -Isobus only -Variable rate unlocked -Side markers -Pre em markers -Hopper extension & lid -Wheel eradicators, like new Near Huntington, available now. £32,500 call 07711 378949
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    Futures £ app?

    With the end of the Gleadell app & Hutchinsons futures prices, what apps are there for futures prices now (esp wheat & osr) please? Cheers dh
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    N testing milling wheat now?

    What tests can be done now on milling wheat (@gs39 now) to see if it needs an n top up? Cheers dh
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    Royalty on wheat

    just wandering about royalty on wheat seed, I’ve paid my osr per ha, just wandering if you can do it with wheat aswell? It says you can on BSPB claim form wheat @£9 something/ha ? This sounds a lot better value than £50/ton? Cheers dh
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    How much hardcore?

    Just wandering how much hardcore I’d need to make a 3.5m wide track, 6” deep and say 100m long? I’d be using 4” down limestone? Or how far would a “20 ton load” go? Cheers dh
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    Tote bins

    Hi there looking for some metal tote bins with hopper bottoms & slide shutter to shut off , ideally at least a ton capacity that can be moved with forklift, any ideas where there’s any for sale? Or recommendations etc? Cheers dh
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    Washing machine insurance

    Hi there, the farm washing machine insurance renewal has just come in from domestic & general @ 7.50/month, (up from 4.50!) just wandering what other similar companies folk recommend as I guess there’s plenty of sharks out there....!! Cheers dh
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    Woodland planting companies?

    Hi there, just looking for recommendations for woodland planting companies in Cambridgeshire area ? Got a grant for 6 acres new woodland and need to get some quotes to supply & plant etc? Cheers dh
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    Cultivating- subsoiler or joker first?

    Having a bit of a “moment “ & where I would normally run the trio through any compacted areas & it’s great for lifting etc it’s obviously not good for black grass? Thinking of subsoiling these bits as a separate job now (with ld legs), would you subsoil first then joker or joker first then...
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    Low disturbance subsoiler

    Just thinking along the lines of a ld subsoiler? Got an old cousins which is great at disturbing blackgrass! Thinking of going through with carrier then running an ld subsoiler through tuff bits & headlands etc? Also got a sumo & whilst great it’s noticeably worse blackgrass this time? Which...
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    Play area base? Bark/rubber/sand?

    hi there, been tasked with sorting out a proper play area for the kids, just wandering what base substances folk have used successfully? Bark & rubber seem v expensive & thinking along the lines of sand maybe? Experience/advice welcome!! Cheers dh
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    High pressure grease gun

    got a few problematic grease nipples that won’t take grease, taken off & replaced nipple etc & still won’t work, but without major surgery to remove pins etc etc just wandering if anyone could recommend a v high pressure grease gun to try first? Cheers dh
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    Mid tier fencing (fg1)

    Hi there, finally got an offer for mid tier scheme, applied for a fair bit of fg1 fencing. Reading the guidance again it doesn’t say anything about stocknetting, just using plain or barbed wire? I’m sure when I applied it was stocknet plus 2 strands barbed wire? Can you use stocknet & barbed...
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    Winter wheat or spring wheat?

    thinking of drilling spring wheat next week, but can’t help wandering if I’d be better going with winter wheat at the mo? Spring variety is chilham, or could swap out for either gravity or zyatt ? Which will be better yield potential? Cheers dh
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    John Deere r4040i sprayer

    just wandering if anyone is running one of these? Views, opinions etc please? Interested in running costs & reliability etc? I know there’s plenty of other males & I haven’t discounted / shortlisted anything yet... Cheers dh
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    General grabber at3 “265/65r17” tyres

    4x brand new general grabber at3 tyres, 2018 manufacture. 265/65r17 Taken off new truck for big off road tyres so not needed Located near huntingdon Half price of new @ £50 each Pm or call 07711 378949 Cheers dh