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    culls deadweight grades

    What does a P-3 look like when living , sent cull holstein cows in deadweight all at of the palour . i would of called condition 3 so was suprised when they came P- with the best cow P-3 thou weighed 346 kg ?
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    taarup 307 mower

    taarup 307 for parts ( good gearbox and mower bed )
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    cu farms uk ?

    anybody know whats happening with cu farms uk ?, Appears to of gone quite after its launch a month ago
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    Dilemma !

    meadow yewtree or countymilk, which is the best option
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    milking machine pump oil

    does anybody recycle milking machine oil through a filter ?
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    oop feeders

    any out of parlour feeders for sale ?
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    value of grazing

    what price per acre of grazing , in a stewardship scheme old pasture and no fertilizer, eastmidlands for 2020
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    Duroc Boar

    Deva Jerry pedigree Duroc boar great sire lives with Sows indoor or out good litt er sizes Pedigree details DU 609211 R000664DU Deva Jerry 643 WLT/643 M 84312 WLT born 25/02/2012 Open to offers 01778 591219