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  1. montys

    antibiotic failures appeals

    cow cut teat had ubro red milked in dump bucket day 12 went in by missstake delvo test tank cow and tank sample to dairy hauler how delvo to cow failed my tank passed and all so the hailer but after collection the load sample from my tank nmr lab produced a failer . is nmr using...
  2. montys

    milking gloves

    i dont know about you i will not pay 18 /box for short. so i have purchase a pallet of long cuff nitril gloves .if alot of people are interested i will try to put on classified adds so member to member at £15/100 large rrp£43 ansell silky ultra clean 93-401 discount on box of...
  3. montys

    need help to find a replacement tractor for jd 6910 fully loaded

    need to replace the 6910 jd 50k box air brakes. loader, front linkage and front pto for similar hp, needs to below £40.000 or will have to sell another tractor ,other make ok mf. claas,
  4. montys

    mc conel x7 tractor any good and whats bad

    looking at mcconel tractor to may be replace mf5470 loader tractor .i have been told they are getting better
  5. montys

    are new tractor over priced

    if tractor gone up 20%in five years.our produce not gone up whats gowing on? old tractor get spirted off to the east
  6. montys

    prem calf 7 months feed ?

    got blue heifer calf out of montbeilarde cow any. of you had success in rearing
  7. montys

    changeing mf 5470 for biger tractor with less computer on board older may be better ie mf 6290 or other make

    loader /front pto /50 km on wish list .a dealer told me that they rarther export than sell to uk farmer so any older tractors left in england
  8. montys

    wanted jcb q fit headstock any condition

    that includes brocken plates to loadall