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  1. j6891

    Farm digger uses

    Thinking of getting a 13/14 tonne ish digger. Is there anyone running anything similar that have found "extra" uses for it rather than just digging. Obviously loading muck would be a start but what about handling bales, loading bags of fert/seed, putting in fence posts etc. Probably just looking...
  2. j6891

    Best small ATV

    After my last quad got stolen I'm after a replacement. It was a can am 250 which was ideal for what I needed - road legal and fast for chasing sheep/cattle. Any recommendations or is everyone buying these big 1000cc jobs or utvs? I just need something that can zip about and save walking...
  3. j6891

    Umbilical hernia in calf

    I have been monitoring one of this years calves as it's had a umbilical hernia which has been growing. This is now the 3rd one in 3 years, yet never had one on the farm previously. Different bred cows and different bulls so cant be a link in breeding I don't think. One calf per year and each one...
  4. j6891

    Ai technician central Scotland

    Just been told by Genus that they no longer offer a daily service for my area. Only a sync program. Can anyone recommend someone to supply/inseminate beef cows for me? Or recommend the DIY course?
  5. j6891

    Next door farm for sale. What to do??

    So next door farm to me has just come up for sale. I feel it's a once in a lifetime opportunity to extend the farm keeping a ring fenced block and would certainly add a bit of value to my own farm being a bigger block. This is big money so what's the best way to finance it and who should I be...
  6. j6891

    Marker pen for cattle tags

    Can anyone recommend a good marker pen for writing names/numbers etc on cattle tags. Mine always seem to fade/wear off. Thanks
  7. j6891

    Interpret these soil tests

    Can I get some broad input on these soil tests which I've just had back. I'm looking to get the indices up so where do I start. All grassland currently but all previously arable so wanting to get back to good levels. I'm thinking to get some fibrophos on as not needing the N as more than enough...
  8. j6891

    Sumo tyre press

    Looking for some advice on this bit of kit. Should the tyres run straight? Seems a fair weight on when let down and they get well squashed. Do they need replaced and if so how? Also not seen one with a grain box on top is this aftermarket fitted? I only wanted the press and tines so will be...
  9. j6891

    Barley moving dilema!

    Just tried to load some barley out my storage bin-conveyor-cup elavator-conveyor-loading auger setup and bang cup elevator snapped. Hoping to re-attach but don't think it's going to be straightforward and now blocked up with grain. Looking for a backup if anything breaks. Are these...
  10. j6891

    Cattle minerals

    What's the cheapest/best form of minerals. Been using all trace boluses last couple of years but it's quite a job getting them down the beats throat. Even with a headscoop there is a lot of flailing about. At least with bucket licks I used before I don't risk getting knocked out.
  11. j6891

    Limited companies for dummies

    What are the pros/cons compared to current farming partnership (with parents). Do you put all assets into company or keep separate ownership? I have off farm income of about £18k how would this be affected? Presume the more you make the more beneficial ltd companies are but what are the...
  12. j6891

    Selling calves

    Thinking of selling some of my calves straight off the cows this autumn. Save feeding/bedding them over the winter and free up shed space for my cows. April born so would be about 6 months old. Would you try to wean first or just whip them away the day of the sale?
  13. j6891

    Renting out fields

    Have a few grass fields next year that I could rent out but I keep thinking is it worth it? Options would be potatos, peas, barley/cereal, swedes/roots, graze for livestock, cut for forage. Or the hassle free option of leaving as is and just top it if needed. Any thoughts appreciated. Is there...
  14. j6891

    Atcost shed repairs

    Looking to get a cherry picker in for a few jobs and atcost shed is one of them. Gutters leaking and few holes in the sheeting. Have botched a few holes with plastic guttering underneath and gutter joints with all manner of things. Latest reading is to just fit some pvc guttering, will this fit...
  15. j6891

    Hustler chainless

    Looking at getting some kind of bedder for the winter. Does anyone use one of these for the job? Don't need something with a blower as have to drive in most courts anyway just want something to help with rolling out/handling squares of straw which I'm hoping to move too. I'm thinking handy to...
  16. j6891

    Upgrade tractor or get contractor in

    Looking at changing tractor as youngest one is 20 years old now and needing a bit more hp. Tractor to change is 100hp. Biggest job would be round baling and ploughing.
  17. j6891

    Malone mowers

    What's the opinion on these? Seem good value and after a plain disc. Any user experience?
  18. j6891

    Claas Axion 810

    One of the earlier ones I see for sale. Seems to be cheap power. What's the main issues? From what I read later ones after 2012 were much improved. Lots of electronics to go wrong but decent main dealer locally. Are they worth a punt in this climate and is anyone buying/selling anything or...
  19. j6891

    Floating tractor

    With the rain as it is and im thinking this may be the future. Does anyone run big floatations all year round? Saw a pic on a thread of a JCB 4cx digger on big tyres looked a beast. All grass farm here so thinking when do I actually need the tractor tread? Must be benefits from less compaction...
  20. j6891

    Risky or not?

    Looking for more horsepower but certainly can't justify new. Would you be tempted by a over 10,000 hours tractor or is it asking for trouble? What kind of hours would a 10 year old tractor say expect to run too. 1000 hours a year 180hp tractor will have done some heavy work but would that put...