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  1. phil t

    Help needed - stainless milk filter body .

    We have one similar for sale if u need it might be cheaper than sourcing parts for that one
  2. phil t

    Got an old set of oxy acetylene bottles.

    Dont they have serial numbers on and can be traced back? Have 2 at ours will probably burry them will give someone hours of fun in the future thinking they are an unexploded bomb
  3. phil t

    pair of 385/65 R22.5 off centre wheels

    Standard super single size
  4. phil t

    Nuffield 4DM

    As above pull throttle wide open and then press cold start you should feel it kick in
  5. phil t

    Nuffield 10/60 bubbles in radiator problem!!

    Sounds similar to what ours was doing..ours was a cracked liner but without testing its a guessing game
  6. phil t

    Ratchet spanner’s

    Ones i have are reversible but have the pivoting ends which are handy
  7. phil t

    Ratchet spanner’s

    Had my draper expert ones a few years no problems
  8. phil t

    Discovered a tunnel into a 17th century house

    No it was 11.4829 feet deep
  9. phil t

    Discovered a tunnel into a 17th century house

    Found a well today whilst rerouting drains was covered over with a big slab then concrete its 5 foot wide and 3.5 meters deep
  10. phil t

    Idiots guide to Milwaukee.....

    Got one off ebay 24 quid its a bloody good torch
  11. phil t

    Ploughman, Omni til

    One i was pulling was 7 legs i think.we had a 6499 mf on it 240hp which wasnt enough in the heavy land to pull at a decent speed
  12. phil t

    Ploughman, Omni til

    Pulled a mounted one this year for someone we do work for certainly heavy was impressed how it went on fifferent land
  13. phil t

    Vicon LZ 505 control box

    David myhill 07766881587 Not sure how much he wants etc might be best to get him to send a pic of plug to see if they are the same Phil
  14. phil t

    Vicon LZ 505 control box
  15. phil t

    Vicon LZ 505 control box

    Ill get his number for you if i can
  16. phil t

    Vicon LZ 505 control box

    Did u get sorted as one popped up on fb today
  17. phil t

    Slurry store wanted

    We have one for sale will get details if your still after one
  18. phil t

    Tyres: Richard Western -

    Any 8 stud super singles and how much posted to thirsk near york Northyorkshire
  19. phil t

    Fowler Marshall