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  1. Young Apprentice

    Drip irrigation

    Hi, Is anyone on here using Drip Irrigation for grain maize? I’m looking into this and would appreciate any experiences. Also with regard to fertilising through the system. TIA YA
  2. Young Apprentice

    Trantor on Worthing sea front!

    This machine looked and sounded very well! YA
  3. Young Apprentice

    Wanted 24’ rape extension

    To fit NH 1998 header. PM or call 07770 276282 Richard
  4. Young Apprentice

    CAT Challenger 65 service manual

    Looking for the above please. PM or call 07770 276282 Many thanks Richard
  5. Young Apprentice

    Caravaggi 5 tonne Mobile Mill Mixer for sale

    Overhauled and ready to go, choice of two. Call Richard 07770 276282
  6. Young Apprentice

    Stainless steel road tanker 26,000 litre

    It’s a single pot with three screw down lids and a working foot valve. With dolly may separate. It has a diesel pump with metre and sediment bowl. The previous owner used it for fert in winter and diesel in summer. The brakes/lights have not been used for a long time. I can deliver on low loader...
  7. Young Apprentice

    JCB 3230 pick up hitch 2015 model

    Hi Looking for the above hitch, please PM me. Many thanks YA
  8. Young Apprentice

    Case Puma 195

    Case Puma 195 50k mechanical box, suspension, air brakes (working) 710 42’s and 600 30’s tyres down but useable, probably 25%. PUH, 6348 hours, runs well. I have owned this tractor for 3 years, it’s had a couple of sensors, an air brake valve (on the rear spool chest), calibrated the gearbox...
  9. Young Apprentice

    Claas Axion Hexashift with Cebis

    Does anyone have a axion with the above spec that can tell me what engine rpm’s are needed for 50 k/hr, tyre size would be appreciated as well, I’m interested to know how low the revs can go and maintain the full speed. many thanks YA
  10. Young Apprentice

    Lorry trip to Italy

    I haven't been in a wagon for a while, just back this morning on the Zeebrugge Hull ferry. It's my first time in this lorry, handy large diesel tanks, auto gearbox is useful, the beds are very comfy and all in all the motor pulled well. The supersingles do make it sure footed.......something...
  11. Young Apprentice

    Spaldings, is anyone else struggling with them?

    Hi all, We have dealt with Spaldings for 20+ years, on turesday I will possibly receive my order two weeks late, after mix ups on numbers, fasteners and late dispatches on each of the three orders or re-orders, it's not good? Anyone else experiencing this? YA
  12. Young Apprentice

    Caravaggi 12 tonne mobile mill mixer

    A blatant plug for a new model out this year! YA
  13. Young Apprentice

    Pig & Poultry show mill & mixers

    Blatant plug, we are showing at the pig & poultry may 10/11th. New 12 tonne machine. YA P.s. Stand 514
  14. Young Apprentice

    Be careful which HP agreement you sign!

    Last year I bought a global brand machine on their own subsidiesed hire purchase package which was provided by a well known European finance name. I didn't read the full small print which states that the agreement is not regulated under the consumer credit act. Well as the saying goes......there...
  15. Young Apprentice

    Valtra T180 front links

    PM or call Richard 07770 276282
  16. Young Apprentice

    New holland BB9080 In very good shape! Richard
  17. Young Apprentice

    Ritchie self loading bale trailer
  18. Young Apprentice

    Oat Straw

    Excellent straw, 4x4's, East Yorkshire, can deliver on artic. Richard 07770 276282
  19. Young Apprentice

    Spring Barley Straw

    Very good stuff, 4x4 or 4x3 bales, East Yorkshire, can deliver on artic Richard 07770 276282