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  1. hollister

    Single Rotor Rake from PL16 0JA to WR11 8SG

    Within the next couple of weeks, 07772985419. Thanks,
  2. hollister

    Mark Wood Ltd

    Anyone had any dealings with this company? Interested in a machine he has but its a 6hr round trip to go and see it. Thanks,
  3. hollister

    JD 6820 scv

    Does anyone know the denso part number for a 6820. Fuel pump part number RE507959.
  4. hollister

    Feed Beans

    3.2 Tonne of feed beans available (warks/worcs border). Have been over the cleaner and bagged ready to be loaded (4 big bags). PM for more details
  5. hollister

    30 Round bale silage b49 to cv7

    Anybody able to quote for the above. 4ft rounds, either this week or next. Thanks James
  6. hollister

    Silage bales Stratford upon Avon (B49) to Wilby (NN8)

    Looking for a price for transporting 30 x 5ft round silage bales. Thanks, James
  7. hollister

    GOS weaners wanted

    Does anyone have any GOS, Berkshire, saddleback weaners for sale? Around the Stratford upon Avon area. Only 6 for the freezers.
  8. hollister

    07 John Deere 6320 Speed Reading

    Our 2007 6320 has stopped showing the speed on the dashboard - either dial or digital display. Anyone got any ideas as to where to begin to look?
  9. hollister

    Lucerne nodulation

    I put a field to Lucerne this spring, and the headlands are looking good and growing rapidly with nice nodulation on the roots. The middle of the field is unfortunately not. With next to no nodules. Is there anything that can be done?
  10. hollister

    BUY 1000l IBC 14:14:0 Starter Fertiliser

    Looking for an IBC of 14:14:0 or similiar delivered to WR11. Thanks, Hollister
  11. hollister

    World harvests

    Oklahoma has reported worst harvest in 50yrs. Saskatchewan and Manitoba have been hit with wet weather throughout seeding and unlikely the total area will get seeded. Not looking like a good harvest for north america.
  12. hollister

    FT Problems Slight bug in the date on this post

    The date messed up on the top post on the screenshot attached. And also I've noticed that when using the android app on nexus 4 when going to the next page you can press the button and nothing will happen until you press the screen again. Sometimes this leads to skipping through two pages.