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  1. hollister

    Monitoring remote water pressure

    Speak to the metos/pessl dealer. They should be able to supply you with an Ecod3 base unit and a pressure sensor.
  2. hollister

    Buying a EX shipping container? had 2 off these in the past couple of years, single trip in good shape.
  3. hollister

    Hay making 2022

    Busy down the shopping aisles but out in the trials areas it's quiet
  4. hollister

    What happens when the fert company's ...

    You can't really think that with all the advisors they have that they are unaware? Is it not part of the plan from higher up rather than our government? Look at WEF and their members and what is happening around the world.
  5. hollister

    dirty beet field help

    No it's two counter rotating tyres that grab and pull it out, unless it's bone dry then snaps it or rubs all the seeds off
  6. hollister

    Massey clock not keeping time

    Likely a battery inside the module to keep it alive.
  7. hollister

    John deere 1188 s2 hydro4

    Check the connection box by the spool block above fuel tank. Had similar, but also the up or sometimes down buttons wouldn't work. Took cover off and wiggled connections and liberally applied wd40 and started working again. Hopefully not jinxed myself
  8. hollister

    Today at work

    This cleaning of cabs is getting a bit out of hand now
  9. hollister

    Today at work

    IBC taps are junk. Use the fitting suggested above or another form of adapter from IBC thread and put a lever valve.
  10. hollister

    Hay making 2022

    Give a handful a few twists. If it snaps and doesn't feel sticky i find it ok. Stuff cut last Sunday was baled Saturday morning but could have been done day before but I was elsewhere. tested in microwave wednesday at 25-30%
  11. hollister

    Fibrophos instead of lime on sprayed off pp?

    Thought it was fulvic acid for better uptake?
  12. hollister

    Combinables Price Tracker

    Ah yes, the farm was based in ituna. Some wet acreages around there.
  13. hollister

    Combinables Price Tracker

    Where abouts in sask? My profile picture is from north of Regina. Was a few years ago now
  14. hollister

    Remove my farm track from Google maps
  15. hollister

    Should I swap these tyres around?

    Are both pictures meant to be the same tyre?
  16. hollister

    Today at work

    They wouldn't know what to do with it
  17. hollister

    Today at work

    Or some impact sprinklers
  18. hollister

    Johnson Su reactor

    Can't comment on the results as only just been done for a year, but don't overcomplicate it. You can just fill it and push fence posts in to form the holes afterwards for a day before removing
  19. hollister

    Centralised Mega Food Factories?

    There's a number of central food factories going offline for bizarre reasons in the states. Plane crashes and fires.
  20. hollister

    Normal for Norfolk….. road train

    What escort?