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  1. Binc

    MF 8937 telehandler door latch

    As above, i'm looking for a door latch assembly for a 02 registered MF8937 - its completely bust and looks like the below parts, ive tried those part numbers but haven't found a supplier, any suggestions? Built by Bobcat I believe? TIA!
  2. Binc

    8-10ton trailer

    Looking for a project - needs to be twin axle
  3. Binc

    Simple system for weed wiping with a quad?

    First step into the new world of GPS here... Looking for maybe a simple lightbar system for weed wiping, can spot the odd line here and there but i'm curious to see what is about - i've got an ipad if that could be used? any recommendations would be appreciated! TIA!
  4. Binc

    9 Peak Challenge in 72 Hours for The DPJ foundation

    Hi All! (Admin please move if its in the wrong place!) I would like to open an invitation to you all to join us along on our Challenge as follows: Mat, Dan, George & Myself (Gareth) embark on a venture involving 53 hours of walking and 19 hours of driving, testing the will and endurance of...
  5. Binc

    Case CX/MX AND McCormick CX/MC/MTX/ZTX LH door

    Hi All! LH door for Case CX/MX AND McCormick CX/MC/MTX/ZTX models as per picture Ordered the wrong door and suppliers can’t take it back. Still in wrapping. £185 inc VAT ONO
  6. Binc

    Farm truck auto

    Big ask for BIL - auto farm truck on/around the £1k mark ideally diseasel! [emoji106]
  7. Binc

    Wiper motor gear

    Good morning all! Looking for a cog/gear for a wiper motor for a Massey telehandler - saving grace is a 5 wire magneti mareli part... I've included a few pics but I can't find any specific part numbers! Tia!
  8. Binc

    Post Knocker weight source...?

    where can I get my hands on a chunk of billet 300mm square 350mm long? any suggestions welcome! TIA!
  9. Binc

    Circlip pliers.... decent make??

    Hi All, decent make of circlip pliers, always get stuck at a circlip irrelevant of the job. are there a standardised set of size jaw pins for a range of circlip sizes?? anything from quad bike master cylinder to topper gearboxes! cheers boys and girls!
  10. Binc

    Oxford mig welder digital meter?

    Looking at mig welders ATM, is there much benefit in having a digital meter? Tia
  11. Binc

    Roots look like they're burning off/ leaves going yellow/red

    Roots got drilled about a month ago and came up really well, in the last week they have started to turn colour are they short of something? Picture to follow Thanks
  12. Binc

    Atv/quad wheels and tyres x2 AT/5/10-12

    Looking for a used pair wheels and tyres for a project! Anything considered Tia
  13. Binc

    Atv sprayer tank swirl pot/ twin feed to the pump?

    Looking for opinions/ options.. If I go on a slope with less than 15L the tank (depending on which way the slope is obviously) the pump won't pick up... bit annoying as the tank is 60L has anybody seen a tank with anything that would stop this? I was thinking a twin feed; one to either side...
  14. Binc

    Jones mk10 t baler timing help...

    Anybody got any ideas??
  15. Binc

    Weed Wiping Service and Hire

    Weed wiping service in the Machynlleth, Dolgellau, Newtown, Welshpool and surrounding areas with new logic contact 2000 and rate applicator. Full PA1, PA2, PA6 and Atv rider certs. 10 years experiance with logic weed wipers. Pm for price! Weed wiper also for hire @ £75 a day (collected)
  16. Binc

    Logic or other brush wiper

    As above, looking for a weed wiper even if it's ex hire open to suggestions :) Thanks
  17. Binc

    Logic or other brush weed wiper

    As above.. looking for a used/loved/unloved model not fussed about condition willing to overhaul if needed Anything out there? Tia!
  18. Binc

    Twin wall pipe cover

    How much stone needs to be above plastic twin wall pipe for a small ditch? Is there a rule of thumb cheers
  19. Binc

    New quad bike deals..

    Hi all! Looking to replace our quad would like to stick with yamaha.... any good deals out there? Tia ☺
  20. Binc

    Help finding ignition barrel!!

    Ignition barrel of a mf8937 tele is showing some signs of wear but I can't find one in the UK. . anybody know of a supplier?