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    Cost of borrowing?

    How much should I be paying APR on a £100,000 loan or what about on a £1,000,000 loan? We havent had a loan for some time now thanks in advance.
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    Flies on cattle summer mastitis.

    The fly season is nearly over now what have you successfully used to keep them a bay? We seem to be in a bad area for flies our vet sometimes says that the majority of calls are about fly problems in August. I have seen this idea in the USA is there any thing like it over here
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    Max power on single phase???

    Does anyone know what the maximum amperage I am entitled to on a single phase supply? Are there published rules about this? Since new houses were built in our village our supply in much worse than before. I'm sure this has been covered before but cant find any thing.
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    Night time number plate camera?

    Anyone know if its possible to get a camera that can read number plates all night? The cars would be going at about 15mph. Also is it ok to do this on a public road. This article in the vGuardian suggests it is...
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    Shot blasting with a presure washer?

    Has anyone tried the device you can get to do this? Iv got a big 2 lance pto washer and was wanting to sort out a few wheel rims.
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    Foam footbath

    Has anyone had good success or felt that they are saving money using foaming foot bath. I don't feel we need to use formalin to harden feet just need dd control...
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    Milking parlour Westfalia

    Westfalia milking machine 50degree stainless troughs 20x Metarton 12s and meters 20x Gascoigne feeders 2x colinson augers 2x single phase vacuum pumps 1ph 1x milk pump 3ph and inverter 2x lo-heat water heaters auto wash, troughs Dairy plan c21, pc, printer Available from September. Near...
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    Feeding heifers at grass.

    It will soon be time to turn out our autumn born calves. I was thinking of using a sheep snacker to give them large size calf pellets instead of using troughs does anyone else do this? What product do you use?
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    Quad bikes Burning oil

    Every bike we have ever had on our dairy farm has eventually ended up leaving burning oil. Hondas last the longest usually but its not all down to the make. The journeys we do rarely last more than 2 minutes. Any suggestions? could we use different oil? Should I just accept we should change the...
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    Milking Bail During Parlour Renovation

    Has anyone ever milked through a bail while enlarging/replacing there parlor? Is it a big hassle? We would have to milk about 150 or so through it if the other half of the herd were dry at that time of year.
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    Does any one know how to build up an Rfid system from scratch? The technology isnt new cant be that expensive.