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    Homemade acids

    I've been using caustic water (made with ash lye) as the ingredient for some detergents, so that the resulting graywater is biodegradable and useful for irrigation. I haven't had much trouble with it for some time, given that the soil I'm working on is somewhat acidic, so the potassium...
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    Soil flora in acid/alkaline conditions

    Hey everyone! Since most plants are adversely affected by an acidic/basic soil, I think it may stand to reason that, soil flora (the microbial ecosystem) is similarly impacted by such conditions. Any idea if this is the case? If so, how?
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    Hygroscopic materials

    I've very recently become interested in the use of hygroscopic materials (things that absorb and retain a lot of water), for the purpose of making the ground retain more water, so as to reduce the costs of irrigation. So far, the only ones I've come up with are: 1. Cotton and paper in general...
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    Clover companion crops

    Recently, I've been growing some clovers in pots to cut and use as a source of nitrogen (clovers are legumes). But I've been curious about the clovers that usually grow alongside weeds and decided to remove the weeds only and let the clovers grow with my plants and crops (letting them shed their...
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    Alternative to Thiram

    Plenty of seed packages come with red coated seeds, this substance is called "thiram" and it is a pretty effective fungicide and bactericide (even if germinated in somewhat damp environments, those seeds won't develop cobwebs or bacterial infections or whatnot). I've been wanting to replicate a...
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    Disease carrier

    Just like other organisms can become vectors of disease to us, can prolonged handling of diseased plants turn us into disease carriers for them?
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    Clovers for nitrogen fixation

    I'm a simple homegrower and I've been using legumes for nitrogen fixation for some time, which has saved me the hassle and money of applying ammonia fertilizer. Now, I've recently become aware that clovers are too, legumes, and they too, form nitrogen nodules for nitrogen fixation and I came...
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    Ultisol scorching plants

    Hello ppl! new member here I've been trying to grow crops on a subtropical rainforest with an ultisol kind of soil (red and lots of iron in it) in Mexico. It presented the following problems (that I fixed with the following solutions): 1. Low pH (originally at about 4.5): made some bonfires to...