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  1. Daniel king

    John Deere S690i Rape settings

    Hi just wondered if any body had any pointers on setting for Rape , can’t get a good sample to much half pod and pod ends in the sample , I’m currently set up like this Straw accelerator in low speed Wind at 700 Rotor 700 Concave 30 Chafer 14 Sieve 5 Have I got the rotor going too fast as...
  2. Daniel king

    John Deere s690 combine settings

    In wheat now sprayed off 10 days ago , can’t seem too get any out put as soon as I pushed it on it overloads the tailings / returns , didn’t have this problem last year here are the settings I’m using Cylinder 900 Fan 1050 Concave 28 Chaffer/ top sieve 18Mm Bottom sieve 8mm Any help would be...
  3. Daniel king

    John Deere S690i settings in osr

    Just wondered what settings people are using in OSR just started tonight and the first time in Rape , I’ve defo overloaded the returns
  4. Daniel king

    Autocast rape

    Has anybody had success with getting the OSR ahead of the flea beetle with the autocast method just an idea !!!
  5. Daniel king

    John Deere S690i wheat settings

    Anybody got any settings for a S690i in wheat please , and what sort of output can I expect in a good first wheat .
  6. Daniel king

    John Deere 9780i overshot beater

    Can anybody please tell me the oil capacity of the overshot beater gear box on a 9780 cts combine , had a seal go and want to replace the oil but can’t find the capacity in the book or on the web !!!! Thanks
  7. Daniel king

    Flea beetle spray timing

    As the title says just started to find these things on the last load of drillings , is it best to spray morning noon or night ( after dark )
  8. Daniel king

    John Deere 9780i chopper problem

    I've got a 9780i CTS with the premium chopper on , it makes a great job of chopping the straw but leaves the straw in thick line either side of the rear wheels think where the straw comes from the rotors it doesn't make it to the middle of the chopper , any ideas or photos of chopper set up...
  9. Daniel king

    John Deere 9780i ,625 header laying crop down

    Not sure if I'm missing a piece on the crop divider on a 625 header , but can't stop it laying crop down then can't pick it up , any ideas please !!!!
  10. Daniel king

    Why can't you home save Hybrid rapeseed !!!

    I am guessing their must be a good reason why you can't home save Hybrid rapeseed , could someone please tell me , rape seed at £250 ton and a 3 Ha pack at £230 ish !!!!! Something stinks I think .
  11. Daniel king

    Horsch joker !!!!

    Anybody got one , what's it like !!! Anything to watch out for !! Want to use it as main cultivator , mainly shallow for black grass chit , then subsoil where needed .
  12. Daniel king

    What's the best moisture meter !!!

    My old faithful Marconi has just given up !!!!! The sensors where the wires plug in has cracked so now won't give a accurate reeding don't suppose anybody on the forum has one they would like to sell , if not could anybody tell me what new moisture Meters are good for rape week and beans need a...