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    Househam merlin manual

    Hi all. Just bought a househam merlin and wondered if anyone has access to a pdf manual for it just so I can have a look before it arrives? Many thanks
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    Chafer rogator 618s

    Hi there. Just having a look at a 618 and wondered what others options are of them or anything to watch out for? Have thought about other brands but this one is within budget for what we require. Thanks all.
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    Biostimulant Seed Treatments

    Hello all, Now this may be a cat among the pigeons post but looking ahead and having used SP seed dressings for many years now for our seed treatments for wheat and following on from discussions with the agronomist and Soil chap I wondered whether anyone has used and seen any noticeable benefit...
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    Lely rp 415 any good?

    Just seeing if anyone has had any dealings with this round baler before and any advice? We are at the moment looking for a new second hand round baler which ideally would be variable for our silage and straw requirements. Many thanks
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    Mchale v660

    Hello one and all! Just after some advice, we are looking at changing our round baler and have located a mchale v660 in a reasonable price range for us, it's done 32000 bales so far.. We do roughly 1200 bales a year currently and like the ability to vary size for straw and silage. We have had a...
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    Osr not dying off

    Hi one and all. The past couple of years we have had issues with our campus not seeming to die off after dessicating. Roundup flex has been used as per agronomist advice but still after nearly a month it is still very green and a nightmare to combine. Pods are at the point of starting to shed...
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    Sumo DTS advice

    Hello one and all. We recently acquired a Sumo DTS 4m drill second hand and this will be our first experience of one having used plough and power Harrows and combi drill for the last 30 plus years. Whilst I know there are many arguments for rival drill manufacturers and types of drill we felt...
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    New Holland t7 tier 4a error code 3297

    Hi all. Just wondering of anyone has had a new holland t7 200 tier 4a give a error code of 3297. Have ours on a forage wagon at the moment and all of a sudden started dropping revs to 1400 from pto speed but will still pull at that and doesn't drop below and shows the code. Revs don't always...
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    MF 7722 dyna6 or valtra t214a

    This may just be a can of worms I'm opening here but looking at changing a tractor. And looking at people's experiences of the above 2 and seeing what the actual difference is between them? Any info would be taken into consideration. Had too many issues with new Holland of late so not thinking...
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    Teagle tomahawk 8100 or McHale c460

    Hello one and all. Looking at getting my father a straw blower to help him litter the cattle up at his place and local dealers have given us these as an option. The teagle tomahawk 8100 or McHale c460. Looking to throw the straw 16m to far side of the shed and were looking to get peoples...
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    Wheat variety for sowing this year

    I know as I post this that alot of people have already sown their wheat for this year and also that availability on seed will be exceptionally low due to that fact. We are on heavy river ground here for a couple of farms running to some more gravelly ground up on some banks and sell the grain...
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    New Holland lm435 service manual

    Hi one and all or indeed anyone who can be bothered to read given the subject title here. We have recently partly pensioned off our new Holland lm435a telehandler into the role of a backup machine given its lack of brakes. I'm wondering whether anyone out there might have a service manual for...
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    Wyle 200 or dickie John miniGac plus

    Hi, We are looking at a new moisture meter and given it needs to be portable I’ve narrowed it down to these two models. Anyone have any preference for one over the other? Having not used wyle or Dickie John before what are their staying power like?
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    Combine unloading auger sock

    Hello one and all. Just a quick one to see if there are any companies you would suggest for a unloading sock for our combine. Most of the time we don't really need one but given the fact we do a bit of osr now and had a couple of occasions when it was very windy during harvest we thought it...
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    Moisture Meter Replacement

    Hello All, Just a very quick question - we have had a Farmex moisture meter for the past 10 years or so and this year whilst it appeared to be testing correctly and having had it calibrated it has let us down resulting drying being needed that we had not planned for just after harvest...
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    07 CR9080 Workshop Manual

    Hello one and all, Just a quick one to see where I might be able to find a workshop manual for a 07 New Holland CR9080? If not don't worry - have a bearing gone on the straw elevator and people have suggested that where it is it is easier to remove the trunk to access it. Thanks once again.
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    New Holland T7 Power Command Gearbox

    Hello all, Just a very quick one to see whether anyone knows of anywhere that does second hand gear boxes? Our 210 has decided (for some reason) to take it upon itself to dislike its own gearbox. This was one day after we had the brakes done on it! So after hearing the price of a new gearbox...
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    New Holland tm spool valves

    Hello, This is just a quick one to see if anyone else has had issues with the hydraulic spools on a new Holland tm. We had been told a few years ago when the first one started to fail that a new block was about a thousand pounds and that the refurbishment kits weren't worth bothering with...
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    Cr9080 rotor speed

    Anyone else had this problem where we have set the rotor speed for rape but as you work your way down the field the speed increases back up to 1200rpm?
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    New Holland cr 9080

    Hello, Just a quick one to see if anyone knows about the acs settings on these combines. For some reason ours only has the winter wheat setting and no other crops. Is there anyway of sorting this out ourselves or is it a dealer job? Steve