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    Ewes lambing late after Alamycin LA ?

    We had a lot of eye problems this year and jabbed three quarters of the flock with alamycin about 10 to 12 weeks before lambing but they've all lambed pretty much on time. We also used a hill ram on some ewes and they have lambed a few days earlier than the ewes served by other rams.
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    Muck on sheep grazing

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    Muck on sheep grazing

    According to the Welsh Lamb &Beef Producer Manual, Appendix 7, it's actually 6 months
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    Lambing Shed Camera Options

    What was the name of the camera? Thanks
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    Solar park grazing

    Does the grazing licence normally get included in the HOT? I'm at the stage of agreeing the HOT and their agent says it's not up to him whether a grazing licence will be available. I can see it may not be worth their while if they have to spend more to make the cabling sheep-proof but it would...
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    Solar park grazing

    But with the price of electricity going crazy, surely they could afford to pay a bit more?
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    Swallows 2021

    Ours fledged last Friday. They are still coming back into the garage overnight.
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    I've seen a couple of reports showing that bracken has some value for carbon capture and since it's also got uses for composting and bedding should I learn to love it and wait for grants to grow it, or should I spend £300 on some asulox?
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    How many trees have you planted this winter?

    We've planted just over 1000 on a banky area, with a Glastir grant in December. I'm getting a bit nervous now due to the lack of rain...
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    What’s the rate for large scale solar?

    Thanks for that
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    What’s the rate for large scale solar?

    Who pays the business rates on a solar farm? An agent has asked me to sign an Exclusivity Agreement for a small project (20 megawatts or so). They are indicating rent of £700 per acre but there's no mention of who pays the business rates.
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    Ring worm

    Does this look like ringworm? We only keep sheep now and we've not had ringworm for 30 years when dad used to rear calves. We've not bought anything in for a couple of years and t's only on a couple of old sheep that I had planned to take to market. They don't seem bothered by it and their body...
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    But now they're only selling it in 20l containers which by my reckoning means I'd have to use 2 backpacks worth a day to use it all up before the end of the licence period.
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    Howard selectatilth rotavator blade setup

    Is this any help?
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    Is there any way to control bracken in hedges?
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    Unknown TV programme about learning to plough; Can you help?

    Hi Kathryn, I think that there might have been an episode of 'Wartime farm' where they learnt to plough...