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  1. crofteress

    Title deeds

    The title deeds of my land are not held with the bank as no mortgage.Does anybody know how I go about getting a copy of them. Its the map I need to check boundaries. I have all the documentation from 20 years ago from the solicitor I just dont have a map. Can I just request from the solicitor ...
  2. crofteress

    Vets no longer working in outlying area

    I have/ had very good vets for the last 6 years. They have written to all farm/ equine clients saying they are no longer going to be our vets as the distance is too far for out of hours work. There are a lot of us , this is recent as of two days ago. There is another practise but so far have not...
  3. crofteress

    CCTV in abattoirs

    Is cctv mandatory yet in abattoirs in Scotland ?
  4. crofteress

    The family farm

    If you inherited the family farm and you worked it for a lifetime and were getting on a bit fitness wise with no family help ( not interested) would it be a bad thing to sell what’s been in your family 250 years . Because maybe the guilt afterwards is worse than working alone and living alone...
  5. crofteress

    labs not uploading bvd test to Scoteid

    Has anyone else had bother with this, my neighbour getting on in years swears he sent them in and swears he got a letter back, though he can't find it, but lab either haven't uploaded them from a month ago or else my neighbour imagined it all. Was all set to load up until I checked the status online
  6. crofteress

    Shearwell B V D tags

    Im tagging my neighbours calves and he's lost the envelopes to send back the samples, does anyone on here know what lab it is they go to. Thanks in advance
  7. crofteress

    East coast viners Suckler rolls

    I usually feed harbro suckler rolls pre calving to outdoor cows over the winter and once they have calved , was thinking of changing to east coast viners rolls, have used harbro for many years don't like to change but the price is tempting. Has anyone on here used them . thanks in advance
  8. crofteress

    Sure calf

    I am doing my calves for selling with the sure calf scheme, just wondered the blue tag you get is there any point putting it in, seems a bit pointless having an extra tag in a calves ear
  9. crofteress

    CCN in calfs

    Has anyone else had experience with this. Bottle fed calf a few months old [ not mine but I'm looking after it] started to go rigid and flat out head back, rigid legs when walking and excessive nervousness, excitability esp to the touch, unable to rise unassisted and grinding teeth , starting to...
  10. crofteress

    bottle feeding a calf

    I've a calf that is getting bottle fed, its 2 days now, it had colostrum and its sucking well, its getting a litre 4 times a day, its a big calve [ not one of mine] . I wanted to know some things Should I get it vaccinated against pneumonia or anything else and when can I do that What should the...
  11. crofteress

    Bazadaise heifers and cows at Newark breeding sale 17th June

    Someone on here was looking , I was checking the catalogue and saw them , cow and lim calve and some heifers
  12. crofteress

    would like to vent about a cow I have

    Put them out last week, 3 days later she has a big sore bag been lying in a sandy basin ,has a stupid looking udder so 2 back teats lying in the sand had the start of mastitis , hadn't fed her calve for probably a day, so took them all back in spent the last 5 days putting her in the crush and...
  13. crofteress

    calve scour when cows bulling

    Hello, will a calf scour when his mother is bulling, same as foals do at 4 weeks. I had nearly all my calves scour with crypto and all got better, this one is the oldest 2 month old, he never had crypto scour but now he's been scouring green/brown the last few days he's lively and sucking...
  14. crofteress

    LFA 2017

    Anyone heard anything as we used to get it early march.
  15. crofteress

    calve not coping with the heat

    have a two week calve that has been panting like a dog all day in the heat. I put them out yest morning and temps are about 25degrees today, other calves are fine, he is smaller and hairier than the others. He is drinking fine and had some water as well. I dont want to stress him when its hot by...
  16. crofteress

    LFAS Payments

    Has anyone had or heard yet the timing of the payments . I know its not real LFA money it a 'loan' until they sort out the computer. So it probably wont be on the rural payments page. If its not this week then with the holidays nothing can happen until the 29th so that doesn't give very long for...
  17. crofteress

    looking for small bales from England

    I have the pony coming back from denmark now via newcasle/ edinburgh so dont need the haulage there now but I am looking for a 6 wheeler load of small bales hay to northwest scotland, can only take 9 ton because of the low bridge .
  18. crofteress

    looking for a float from harwich to Arisaig

    To pick up a highland pony and fill the rest of the float with square bales Does anyone want to do this for me you will get paid no problem By float I mean an 6 wheeler cattle float, Im not sure how many bales you would get in it The pony is coming of a boat Thank you