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  1. Jonny_2

    Concentrate Price Tracker

    Quoted £345 for 10t of Supaflow tipped up. Same Merchant told me blends with beet on have gone up this month but compound down a bit
  2. Jonny_2

    Kelpie vs Huntaway for working sheep

    I’ve got a 5m old collie x huntaway that’s already showing a lot of promise! It’s a bit of a handful but has loads of natural instinct. Got in with a pen of weaned calves and was rounding them up like a collie, later it got in with the pet lambs and stood barking like a huntaway. I only run 200...
  3. Jonny_2

    Fowrass concertina sheep hurdle

    Had some race panels off him a few years ago which have lasted well but not built to the same standard as Bateman ones. Didn’t have any race joiners to go with them though. FB messaged them last year regarding cattle hurdles and all they wanted to sell me was a complete sy
  4. Jonny_2

    Whole crop Rye

    Got some rye/vetch to sow this September after some summer turnips. Will it benefit from a light graze with sheep over Xmas and how long will it last for into the spring? I am hoping to graze with ewes and lambs in March lightly again then strip graze with cattle in May or cut it
  5. Jonny_2

    Calf rearing costs..

    Off the top of my head paying £2225 for a good whey powder, £440 for weaner in bags and think £370 for good 16% GP nuts. Feeding 6L at 125g per L. Working on £17 per head a week to weaning getting calves about 3 weeks old, weaned about 8wks then ad-lib cake to about 14/15wks (they eat about...
  6. Jonny_2

    Grass reseed

    Slowly working round re-seeing some 30yr old leys, our biggest problem is leather jackets and old sod. We disk a couple of times, sumo trio then combi drill. Going turnips over summer this time and then 1 year ley before back into long term grass. Might try some forage rape with the 1 year ley...
  7. Jonny_2

    Electric fence

  8. Jonny_2

    Silage additive

    Silosolve FC works well for bales. Stops them from heating up after fed out too. Wants plenty of water if bales are dry
  9. Jonny_2

    Pet lamb feeding

    Got a heatwave here and love it
  10. Jonny_2

    Concentrate Price Tracker

    TBH I don’t think feed mills are taking the pee price wise unfortunately, just passing cost rises on whilst still taking their usual margin out. Often hear of mills round here running flat out with little time for maintenance or up grades because they aren’t big enough now, or not enough wagons...
  11. Jonny_2

    Concentrate Price Tracker

    How long will they stick at those prices for?
  12. Jonny_2

    Concentrate Price Tracker

    Anyone heard of any lamb creep prices and cattle nut prices for summer?
  13. Jonny_2

    Blown feed acceptable size?

    Been spot on here this year, and best value when I had a ring round.
  14. Jonny_2

    Lambing pens per hundred sheep

    14 per 100 here. We leave some galv hurdles dotted about the shed though to quickly make a pen up if need be. We have some old stables we use for mothering pens which help, so only have them in individual pens 12-24 hours
  15. Jonny_2

    Concentrate Price Tracker

    No at the Amotherby. On the face of it they are still 2 different firms
  16. Jonny_2

    Concentrate Price Tracker

    Moved to Jamesons 3 years ago and couldn't be happier, get everything off them now. Loads better spec than BATA who are just down the road and cheaper too
  17. Jonny_2

    Silage / Straw / Hay Price Tracker

    Getting straw delivered in per bale this winter. Roughly how many 4ft round wheat bales to the ton? Good solid bales. Would barley bales weigh heavier? I’m guessing 4x3 squares would be 500kg?
  18. Jonny_2

    Lamb / hogg finisher pellets north Yorks

    Can’t fault both Jamesons hog blend and their 16% lamb finisher nuts. Really good to deal with. We are 5 miles from BATAs mill and they can’t get anywhere near on price or quality. Rep has never been in 33 years either
  19. Jonny_2

    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    Anyone got a rough price for Angus X dairy heifers? 9-12 months, seen a bit of food and don't look too dairy bred. Plan was to keep them till March however its my first year rearing calves, got a bit carried away and now short of shed space.
  20. Jonny_2

    Ewe breeding for reduced mastitis

    We started with Lleyns in 2013, mainly buying in with our first homebred shearlings lambing in 2017. Don’t suffer to bad with mastitis (got one serious case this year out of 170) but there udder confirmation is terrible, in both what we’ve bought and bred. Saggy udders, cone teats and poor...