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    Tired Ford Ranger

    Morning, any idea where to sell a tired 09 Ford ranger?? Needs battery, exhaust, electric fault t rear lights been excellent truck till these last few weeks where it’s decided to fail on too many things!! tia
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    Bit of justice

    Bad news that guy!! My now ex wife was seeing him during divorce!! He was kicked out of my farmyard one evening five years ago!! Threatened to burn my farm down!! Think she had six months with him until my eldest daughter rumbled him about him property developing somewhere in Hull Was stessfull...
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    Motorway barriers

    Ooh jeez that heavy thanks
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    Motorway barriers

    Hi anyone got a rough idea of the weight in an 11’6” crash barrier?? Got 25 to collect and not sure of total weight?!tia
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    Kuhn 40.2w

    Spreader now sold
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    Anyone in the same position as me and not received BPS payment for 2021?? Had numerous phone calls to them but no answer really as to why!! Causing me few problems!! What else can I do?? Tia
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    Kuhn 40.1W/ 40.2W in nice order

    Hi I’ve got 40.2w mint condition s4 and s2 discs im thinking if selling as didn’t do 20 tons last year!! Pm me if any use
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    Marshall tractors

    There’s a Marshall 100 for sale near to me !! It’s on Facebook but I’m not!! Try and find a link
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    Cartabouta trailers

    My neighbour bought a 2 ton one!! That I empty every two weeks f him!!! Quite nice little trailer, the orange paintwork is really good but the black chassis paint not as nice!! Turkish made and all works as it shouy
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    16 year old on phone constantly!!

    Had high hopes for the boy!! But why couldn’t he get out of tractor without phone in his hand!! Lost faith in him, Realised it’s much easier to do the job myself and the responsibility starts and stops with me
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    16 year old on phone constantly!!

    Update to my problem. The young lad involved with phone use has been talked too and been told politely but sternly, that it’s not acceptable and told he won’t be needed any more!! it’s been a real eye opener to me as to the pitfalls of trying to help the next generation of young farmer!! I’m...
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    16 year old on phone constantly!!

    Trying to keep calm about this situation!! As I could blow a massive fuse!! As for his phone if I could find a dead hedgehog I would put his phone in it then shove it where the sun doesn’t shine !!!!
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    16 year old on phone constantly!!

    Oh bummer thought I was legal with trailer!! 27 4 stringers, thought it was the width of tractor and trailer!! I really can’t cope with the worry and hassle it’s causing!!
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    16 year old on phone constantly!!

    Looking for advice as got 16 year old lad coming 2 days a week as part of agricultural course. But he is constantly on his phone!! No interest in in learning the basics. He is quite good and careful tractor driving,we were both carting straw the other day through our local town which is very...
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    ADR brake shoes

    Anyone help with brake shoes size for an adr axle on an Armstrong and Holmes bale trailer six stud hubs?? The only part no on shoes is 17867 fc Thanks
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    Kverneland 7655 wrapper

    Hi, anyone using one if these wrapping 80/90 square bales, Looking for setting to put 6 layers wrap on!! Ta
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    Kuhn power harrow PTO shaft

    Hi is pto shaft 6 or 21 spline tractor end?ta
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    R.N. Gaunt

    Hi yes know him very well!! Straight honest gentleman!! Nice guy
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    Old goats

    Thankyou for quick replies!! Merry Xmas