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    Cost of borrowing?

    How much should I be paying APR on a £100,000 loan or what about on a £1,000,000 loan? We havent had a loan for some time now thanks in advance.
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    Parlour Washings and other mildly contaminated water

    The problem with them was that some people vastly over estimated what you can do with them.
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    Parlour Washings and other mildly contaminated water

    I was wanting to septic tank and reed bed filter just the pipe line - tank washings. There's so little in it to start with.
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    Grant Scheme out for slurry handling equipment

    How much is a 10m dribble bar?
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    Astro turf on top of grass

    Does anyone know where to get Astro from Ive tries 3 people who normaly have it but cant find any.
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    Slurry bugs opinions

    They do work we have been using them for many years. We use either Carrs or Mole own brand.
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    Self fit Ground mounted Solar

    Have you bought from this seller? How do we know good pannles from bad ones buying on ebay?
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    Self feed or block cut?

    We are autumn calving and I want to go on to big silage blocks. But we always seem to need to bucket mix fodder beet in at this time of year.
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    Countryside productivity grant scheme

    I was thinking it would be more than £8000
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    Countryside productivity grant scheme

    How much is a slurry reeler with 400m of pipe?
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    Flies on cattle summer mastitis.

    This company sell all the kit to do what i want in the USA The liquid is described here...
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    Flies on cattle summer mastitis.

    We have loads of swifts on this farm they dont eat all the files though
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    Flies on cattle summer mastitis.

    I think its Citronella or something.
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    Flies on cattle summer mastitis.

    The fly season is nearly over now what have you successfully used to keep them a bay? We seem to be in a bad area for flies our vet sometimes says that the majority of calls are about fly problems in August. I have seen this idea in the USA is there any thing like it over here
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    Spraying cows with citronella ?? Hue Fussell thinks its a good idea.
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    Green Deal solar

    Interesting to see if we're able to get this on a farm where most of the power is used on farm. 5k buys a lot of panels these days
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    Slurry Piston Pumps?

    I don't know how long a scroll pump like that would last. It is another option however as we dont uses sand. The other type is a lobe pump.
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    Slurry Piston Pumps?

    Has anyone got the Irish version?
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    Milking parlour Westfalia

    no sorry all sold now
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    Pumping slurry underground

    Google a price. we dont have hydrants just Storz couplings on pipe ends diagonaly out of the ground in the field margins.