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    Cambridge rolls to desiccate cover crops?

    What are peoples views and experiences on rolling cover crops to desicate them on a frost? We have a mix of Tillage radish, Lilla Phacellia and Ovidio Berseen Clover on some land going into spring crops. we drill using a Weaving Sabre tine and I am worried about having to much trash in the...
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    Avadex contracting rates midlands

    How much are people charging for applying avadex? Recently bought a 24m avadexing machine mounted on an old self-propelled sprayer. The published 2021 contracting rates I have found are up around £7.40 an acre which I think is a hell of a lot? What are people charging. I’m from the midlands area.
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    Trailed Weaving Sabre tine idea?

    Apologies for the awful edit but always thought this would be a good idea. Thoughts 🤔
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    Stocks H track (john deere)

    Anyone got much experience with stocks H Tracks, seen a few pictures over the years and wonder if they are actually any good and of they can be easily fitted to modern day tractors easily? Quite like the idea of putting a set on our 7R l, not to worried about the lack of comfort aspect Thanks
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    JCB 4220 compared to 3230 xtra

    Other than speed what are the main differences between the JCB 4220 and the 2017 plate 3230 xtras? We have had the 4220 on demo and really liked it and were amazed at how comfortable it was on the road even with our Simba DTX hanging off the back of it, but the issue we have is that we are in...