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    JD 3050 Whats it worth?

    Reluctantly selling our 3050. H reg 8700hrs We are 2nd owner from new, good average condition. Not sure what to ask for it.
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    Concept big bag lifter

    Has anyone bought one of these and are they any good. Seem to be priced well.
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    Manitou Parts

    Where's the best place to get some light fittings and such for a Manitou? Ours needs a bit of TLC. Thanks
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    I appreciate its been discussed before, but how much better is SF3 against SF1. Had a price today but not sure we can justify it. Drilling approx 450ac including cover crops, also bedforming for about 60ac of potatoes.
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    Loss of Vydate could be a game changer.
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    RMH Machinery

    Has anybody dealt with them? Look pretty genuine. Thanks
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    Horsch Pronto 3dc

    Thinking of buying one these. What's good, bad & ugly about them? How much do they drag off line behind tractor and any tips on setting up GPS for drill.
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    Potato Costings

    Approximately how much per acre would it cost for destoning ? Using own oldish equipment. Same question for harvesting & grading.
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    Whats the easiest way to get a coshh risk assessment for Assured Produce please.
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    Spraying water on potatoes when its frosty.

    On about a frost in the morning, have been told if you spray 300-400lt/ha on crop it will help against any frost damage. True or false?
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    Does anyone use above company for nozzles? Billericay Bubble Jets seem a good price.
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    JD SF1

    Does anyone think John Deere will get rid of SF1 and we'll have to pay a subscription for SF3/RTK?
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    Amistar on Potato planter.

    Has anyone got any pictures of where the nozzles go on a Grimme GL32 B planter for Amistar? We also have a Vydate applicator on planter as well. Thanks
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    Top hat filters in spray line

    Do many operators use top hat filters with Guardian Air nozzles?
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    Any tips on drying Soyabeans.

    As above. Using a batch dryer, 19% down to 14%. Thanks.
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    Horsch Express TD

    I'm thinking one of these would be ideal for our light land, but they don't seem very popular. Any opinions would be welcome.
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    Spray store shed

    Need a 40x20ft cheap steel building to cover a spray handling area. Not sure whether to build my own or get a kit building. Any suggestions or advice would be welcome. Thanks
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    Winter oats and vetch

    At what rate do should I sow winter oats & vetch?
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    Kuhn M EMC

    looking at one of these at the moment. If we buy one with emc do you need a weigh cell as well or is it a luxury ? Thoughts please.
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    Soya Beans

    Has anyone direct drilled soya beans?