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    County 1164

    Can anyone enlighten me as to the potential value and parts availability for these? I've seen the immaculate ones making silly money lately but been offered one which is mechanically ok but with a rotten cab beyond saving but has mudguards to convert to open station and cosmetically scabby...
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    Trimble rangepoint RTX accuracy

    Having tried sowing on rangepoint rtx this year it eventually seemed to be matching up with markers etc and looking ok (after several fields of glitches and problems which a software update seems to have solved) anyway top dressing now and setting up ab line on 1st pre em mark and then letting...
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    Massey 8240

    Looking for a Massey 8240 with dynashift and front suspension in good condition.
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    Muck grab

    Looking for a 7’6” muck grab with kv tines, preferably with manitou or euro brackets, new or used.
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    Jcb 535, 530 hydraulic pump

    I've got a 2004 535-60 farm special and the hydraulics are very slow compared to the 2005 530-70 super, the 535 doesn't seem to have the second pump to kick in at higher revs either like the 530-70. Does anyone know if it's relatively straightforward to fit a pump the same as the 530-70 super...
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    Loader subframe for MF7718

    Loader subframe/brackets for Massey 7718 wanted, either MX or Quicke.
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    Dump trailer

    Wanted 14/16 ton, drop down magic back door, 10 stud axles.
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    Weight block 1000-1200kg with linkage hooks on the front

    As the title, weight block wanted to fit front linkage complete with hooks on the front. Used or new if in stock as required asap.
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    Subsoiler/deep leg injector parts

    Can anyone identify the foot/point assembly on this leg so i can order replacements? No markings on the leg and the machine itself was made by Timber-land products, boroughbridge who don't appear to be in existence anymore.
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    3 m power harrow drill

    Looking for a 3 meter power harrow one pass, preferably grain and fert, must be tidy condition.
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    Personnel door

    Any recommendations for a steel personnel/access door for a workshop? Have seen quite a few online for £300 ish but hard to tell if they are reasonable quality or not. Thanks
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    Slurry tanker with trailing shoe

    Looking for a 2500 or 3000 gallon tanker with trailing to shoe to buy or hire. New or used.
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    Massey indicator problem

    Have an ongoing issue with the right hand indicators on a 6290, it started with the dashboard light staying on instead of flashing and it made a constant buzzing noise- if left for a minute or so it would start working as normal, over time this got worse and it just buzzed the whole time when...
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    Laser level

    Anybody using a laser level with a digger mounted receiver for leveling sites etc, any recommendations or things to look out for with them? Topcon seem to be the most popular locally. Thanks
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    3cx dipper arm assembly

    Looking for a dipper arm with extending dipper, complete assembly with rams, bucket linkage etc, from a JCB 3cx or would consider similar from other makes.
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    295/80 r22.5 wheels and tyres

    6x 295/80 r22.5 10 stud wheels and tyres with a mixture of treads. £120.00
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    650/65r38 tyres

    Pair of 650/65r38 Continental tyres with 25% tread remaining, good usable condition. £250.00
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    650/65r42 tyres

    Set of Firestone 650/65r42 tyres for sale, 35% tread remaining, a few cuts in one as shown below but perfectly sound and usable tyres. £300.00
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    Massey Ferguson front weights

    Set of 12x 55kg weights, plus 60kg centre weight with towing clevis. £450.00
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    Hydraulic tilting bucket

    Looking for a tilting grading bucket with 65mm pins, new or used.