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    Rappa race grip

    I'm wondering will the rappa race grip fit in any of the other mobile yards. I've got approval under the tams grant for a mobile handling system and you get 6 months to purchase from the date of approval. But rappa have a 6 month waiting list so that's out. Had intended buying the the standard...
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    Comb and cutter grinder

    Have been thinking about buying my on grinder for sharpening my own combs and cutters.. Shearing about 6-700 for the year. Now I've been looking out for a second hand one but they seem like hens teeth! Has anyone here got one to do their own? Did it take long to master it or would ye consider...
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    Honda 500 irs

    Thinking about changing the quad here currently. Have a 2012 500 at the moment and the bike has been faultless bar one fuel pump. Was looking at the new 500 IRS and have been told that their the way to go but I'm just kinda looking for peoples opinions that are using them everyday. Its 800...