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    Reversing Camera

    Is it possible to buy a wifi camera that can be temporarily put on the back of a trailer to aid reversing? I find trying to see where the livestock trailer is going when it is turning away from the driver's side, pretty impossible Thanks
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    Domestic Battery Storage

    I've a domestic 4 kw solar panel system. In summer I can't use a lot of the electricity and it goes to the grid. What are the options and recommendations for a battery storage system? Is there anything new in the battery storage pipeline worth waiting for? I'm thinking it would also make...
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    Trailer Insurance

    I've having trouble insuring a livestock trailer and a general purpose trailer. My broker won't answer the phone. NFU will only insure trailers if the vehicle towing is insured with them. (3 x current premium) All trailer insurers who answer their phone won't insure for business use Can...
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    Immersun & Electric Vehicle

    I've 4 kw solar panels producing domestic power and integrated with an Immersun unit to feed the immersion heater. I'm buying an electric car, and Immersun state that my current Immersun unit is not suitable to automatically provide solar power to the electric car. There latest model is okay...
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    4 Rotor Hay Tedder

    A 4 rotor hay tedder required. Postal Code CO9 Thanks
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    Krone Hay Tedder

    4 rotor Krone Hay Tedder wanted. Postal Code CO9
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    Laser alignment of Fence Posts

    Is there such a device as laser to align a row of fence posts? There's plenty for levelling but that's not what I'm after. If so, does someone have a recommendation? Thanks
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    Purchasing Humic & Fulvic Acid etc.

    Having read Nicole Master's book 'For the Love of Soil', (It's well worth reading) I've tried source some of the products she recommends, such as Humic and Fulvic acid, Vermiliquid, Molasses etc.. but when I put any of these, or similar products, in a search engine they are very expensive and...
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    Cheap GPS

    Can someone recommend a cheap portable GPS that I can place on tractor or quadbike to give me swath guidance when putting on fertiliser/seed on pasture? Pacing out and placing markers in the ground beforehand is a pain. Thanks
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    Pearl Millet

    After the dry last summer and continuing lack of grass in autumn and winter, I've been trying to find something that can be planted cheaply in summer and provide grazing for my sheep in autumn and winter. Searching on this forum I watched a video where Sudangrass was sown into very short grass...
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    Lamb Creep Feeder Trolley

    Does anyone know of a manufacturer of a cradle/trolley for a Lamb Creep Feeder that can be towed behind a quad bike? Or where there's one available? I've contacted IAE and Bateman but they don't make it or know of any company that does. Thanks
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    When to Worm & Egg Identification

    Have just bought myself a microscope to test for eggs in lamb dung and I've a couple of questions - How do you differentiate between a strongylid egg and a nematodirus egg? How many coccidia, strongylid and nematodirus eggs per gram, make it necessary to worm? Thanks
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    Application Rate for Sodium

    My sheep pasture is very low in sodium/salt and I'm having trouble finding a recommended application rate. Searching through these forums gives application rates of 120 - 150 kg per hectare. I've just been told 50 kg per hectare is about right. Bearing in mind it's a herbicide if the rate is...
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    Digestate Lagoon Odour

    Can anyone living close to a digestate lagoon tell me how much odour is to be expected within say 200 metres and further away? Does it give off an overpowering stench close by? The lagoons will be covered with a floating top. Thanks
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    FEC Equipment

    I want to do my own FEC this year but have not done anything like it before. I've gone through old threads on this website but the equipment required is no longer listed. Can someone list all the equipment required and perhaps provide recommendations Thanks Percy
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    Farm Visits & Antibiotics

    I've had to change vets to the only other available one in the area. If I want to buy antibiotics, these new vets insist on a farm visit if they hadn't been here within the last 6 months. I've never needed a vet visit for animal welfare so it makes for very very expensive Cyclo, Spectam, and...
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    Ratchet Strainer Tool

    I'm new to fencing so can someone tell me if I need a special tool tighten a ratchet strainer, or do most just use a spanner? None are advertised online though I've seen one being used on You Tube demonstration
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    Livestock Trailers: Other - CLH 7' 6" x 4' 6"

    Livestock Trailers: Other - CLH 7' 6" x 4' 6" Category: Livestock Trailers Manufacturer: Other Price: £1250 Condition: Used Description: CLH 7' 6" x 4' 6" livestock trailer in good condition. Had it since new. Always kept under cover. Very little use. Advertised elsewhere. Images: See...
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    ATV Wanted

    Nearly new ATV required. Must be 4 wheel drive and at least 350cc SE Area (North of London)
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    Electric Fence and Ewes

    I've a problem with a few ewes pushing through a 3 wire electric fence on a pasture they like. Yesterday I set it up with standards every 2 or 3 metres. I used 2 earth stakes and poured plenty of water on them. The energiser is working and the fence is testing OK. The reel clutches were...