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    Kuhn 2160 pickup drive spocket

    Anyone changed this sprocket, there's a circlip holding the shaft in but it's inside a tube. Do we have to remove the whole pickup to get to it or are we missing something simple
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    Nh power beyond issue

    Having a problem with the power beyond on a new nh t7.225 and tanker. So we plug it in, start tractor oil flows were it should be, use any service on the tanker control box and it works but as soon you stop, the oil stops flowing through the block on the tanker, so the oils not returning and the...
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    Camera system to improve forward visibility of loading shovel

    Where I work the bucket on my jcb 437 has had a prohibition notice placed on it by hse. Its a ulrich 6.5cu m toe tip which is used for loading woodchip on to artics, its just over 9ft wide 6ft 6 height. They have deemed it unsafe to use because it restricts forward visibility to much. I'm...
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    Kuhn fc303 lift ram

    How does the ram work with a seal like this and what are they called?
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    biomass boiler furnace temperature

    After some advice about furnace temperatures, we had a new boiler installed in January to dry woodchip. the boiler is rated at 950kw but the average the installer can get out of it is 750kw. they are basically blaming everything on the fuel. first it was to wet, then to dry, then to much fines...
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    Nh TM range command synchro position potentiometer

    Having problems with our tm125. if you change from A or C range into B or reverse the transmission locks itself in B range and reverse, but after about a minute or if you turn it off and restart it they work fine again. I assume its one of the synchro position potentiometers but which one the...
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    mig wire feed unit vs standalone

    Thinking of buying a mig welder but unsure what to buy. I've narrowed it down to a 250a r tech or a tecfeed 250i. One a complete unit and the other just a wire feed unit that I would power from a old powcom 200sm. Are there any benefits to either system, apart from having one unit against two.
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    new holland bb950

    only a quick question, how do you remove the knife on the bottom of the chamber, the one that the knifes on the bottom of the plunger cut against. it probably has a proper name but I don't know it. its got a bit beat up by stones and could do with changing. thanks
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    teagle muck spreader slats

    our old teagle rd10 needs some new slats. It would be nice to change them all because it has done a lot of work, but we don't do as much as we use to, about 15 days a year. The cost to change them all is about £2500 and teagle don't offer any bulk discount, the price is the same for one as it is...
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    NH TM125 brakes

    Having problems with the brakes on our tm, it started last year, the right peddle would creep down if you put pressure on it, I bled them and no difference. So I change the right master cylinder and change the discs and seals because it was due a service and they had never been done (9500h and...
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    nh 7840 hydraulics

    Having some hydraulic issues with our 7840 sldp. its been sat on the straw chopper all winter and once in a while the steering would get slightly heavy on idle, but no other problems. So now we have started silage I changed the backend oil and filters, thinking that should stop it happening...
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    NH Diagnostics plug

    I need to access the h menu on our t7030 to be able to recalibrate the front suspension. To do this I need the plug that goes into the diagnostics plug on the right rear pillar. I can get the plug and pins from rs components, I would like to know if its as simple as joining one pin to another or...
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    Pickups and Vans : Nissan - Nissan Navara Tekna Auto

    Pickups and Vans : Nissan - Nissan Navara Tekna Auto Category: Pickups and Vans Manufacturer: Nissan Price: £13000 Condition: Used Description: 14 reg Nissan Navara Tekna Auto 190bhp 28700 miles. Full Leather, Sat Nav, Reversing Camera, Electric drivers seat, Heated front seats, Tow hitch...
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    kobelco hydraulic fittings

    Anyone with a kobelco digger, where do you get your hydraulic hoses from because I cannot find a supplier. Its only the second hose we have had go. Last time they cut the original fitting off and put a new compression fitting to bsp on, but this time the steel tube is curved after the fitting so...
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    bale weights

    I've had a complaint about some square baling I have done. They are 7ft 120x70 bales of hay and they are apparently so soft they couldn't pick them up and wouldn't stack without falling over. It was super dry 2nd cut and about 40 acres, which came to 59 bales. I have been to look at them and...
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    Wiring loom manufacturer

    Could someone recommend me a wiring loom manufacturer. I been trying to find an engine and forward loom for a matbro tr200 powershift s/n 221474, but nowhere has one. All they have are ones for a non powershift. So before we think about breaking it, I would like to try to get some made. I can...
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    tm silencer from sparex

    brought a silencer for our tm125 from sparex and I can't get it to fit because the angle of the outlet is different from the original. I sent them a photo and they sent me another one to see if the pipe was welded on wrong, but it's the same. They say they sell alot of them and they have never...
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    Nissan d22 no power

    The engine on our pickup destroyed its self in march and I finally found time to fit a recon bare engine. Now, it runs fine, idles prefect but it hasn't got any power all the way through the revs. I've check the basics diesel to the pump, fine, no air restriction, turbo appears to chuck out...
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    cattle weights at market

    We sent 5 fat cattle to market last week and we were disappointed with the weight's they came back at. I weighted them a week before with a iae weight platform thing that goes under the crush. There were two big steers which I weighted at 810kg and 780kg, they both came back at 733kg and three...
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    npk excavator breaker

    Just got an old NPK H3XA breaker from a scrap yard, it came off a scrapped excavator but they were told the breaker still worked. Its been sat in their yard for a few years and we've been trying to buy it for six months, but finally they have agreed to let us have it. We haven't paid anything...