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    29t Rapemeal Pellets Kent to Bristol

    As above. Any suggestions gratefully received.
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    Concrete panels in Kent

    Who has got three 6m long 1m high any thickness concrete panels surplus to requirements in Kent? (Or 2x6m and 2x3m.) Haulage to get them down the country will cost more than the panels!
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    Forgive me Lord for I have sinned!

    I bought a cultivator yesterday. Does that now mean all my posts to the DD section get rejected?
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    excavator mounted tree shear or saw?

    What do we think? or
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    Cover crop Rollers

    Popped up on twitter this afternoon, and I had a quick google search about. American and french versions. Has anyone built/imported one in the uk or even tried one in the uk yet?
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    American cover crop site Bedtime reading anyone?
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    Summer cover crop?

    What are people thinking? Has anyone taken the decision to abandon growing a combinable crop, and what species or mixture of species do you intend to sow? Where is Pedders! I was about to write cash crop in the paragraph above, and then realised some may have the opportunity to graze or mow...
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    Fastrac shuttle

    On the old BFF there was the reason why the 3170 won't engage reverse reliably every time, something to do with a switch somewhere. Can anyone remember!?
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    November sown wheat going backwards?

    What does it look like in your area? Some of the neighbouring areas of ploughed and power harrowed wheat especially on the wet heavy ground isn't looking so pretty in the last few days. Some of our direct drilled looks crap too......!
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    American spell check

    Tires Recognize Fertilize etc can we have a uk version please Clive?
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    Tiny text!

    Is it the settings on my computer or sommat else, I have two darn great grey pillars either side of my screen with the DDforum in between. Makes the text nigh on microscopic. Can any settings be altered to make the text the same size as bff please. My eyes are beginning to bleed! :roll: :shock: