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  1. fendtfan

    GPS and Precision Farming equipment: Other - Trimble FMx

    GPS and Precision Farming equipment: Other - Trimble FMx Category: GPS and Precision Farming equipment Manufacturer: Other Price: Open to offers Condition: Used Description: Sorry Now Sold Trimble FMX display with Nav 2 controller with looms previously fitted Agco Challenger steering ready...
  2. fendtfan

    Cross Compliance and EFAs

    Copied and pasted from the BPS 2018 guidance online: "The definition of the EFA buffer strips option is extended to include field margins as well as buffer strips. In addition to buffer strips adjacent or parallel with a water course, you can also claim field margins towards your EFA. The...
  3. fendtfan

    Pimp my system

    Having tried inter row hoeing last year to reduce blackgrass iin claydon drilled cereals I am considering my options in light of Claydons terrablade.Last year I removed the folowing harrow and paddles from my 4.8m hybrid drill and operated it using a shift of AB line on RTK signal with 7inch A...
  4. fendtfan

    Ag Leader

    I am trying to fit a geosteer in a steering ready JCB 4220 but can't find a manufacturers profile that fits the CAN system in the jcb. Has anyone fitted a geo in the 4000 series and got it steering.
  5. fendtfan

    Ground beetle invasion

    How do you respond? Two householders living alongside my fields have emailed me and phoned moaning about thousands of ground beetles invading there homes and gardens and requesting I do something about them. I have explained they are beneficial and I have no reason to feel their invasion has...
  6. fendtfan

    Stolen Generator Suffolk

    Please send me notification if you are offered a tidy Perkins/SDMO 40 kva generator serial no 108307/04 in sage green repainted silenced build cabinet. Stolen from Lawshall nr Bury St Edmunds last week ,may still be on old wooden tipping trailer. Reward for information leading to recovery
  7. fendtfan

    GPS autosteer

    Wanted EZ steer T2 controller and 250 or 500 screen. Fed up with my system always being in the wrong machine. Alternatively an ag leeder/ auto farm system A5 or paradyme with or without steering valve or wheel 07860200799
  8. fendtfan

    Cultivators: Other - Bellota

    Cultivators: Other - Bellota Category: Cultivators Manufacturer: Other Price: £1000 Condition: Used Description: Cultivator tines. !3 Bellotta heavy spring tines for fitting to 4 inch 100mm box . These tines come from a Claydon 4 metre SR drill the same tine sold by Spaldings part No.12817...
  9. fendtfan

    Straw beders/ blowers

    I am looking to replace a mounted straw beder with trailed or mounted and need to maintain a throw distance 15 m . When put through a giraffe spout do you loose spread distance as opposed to those blowing direct from the flywheel. Is there much wrong with a trailed kv/ tarrup 832. Presumably...
  10. fendtfan

    New Holland TF78 Electra Combine

    High capacity combine for sale very genuine machine Ebay item 331352842969 located suffolk
  11. fendtfan

    Cleanacres SP 24m sprayer for sale

    24m non airtec,rds ratemaster 200, 4wd 4wsteer hydro, 4 cylinder VM air cooled engine, air con and heated cab. Last ten years owner driven on 500acre cereal farm. Tidy and dependable £5000
  12. fendtfan


    Two accord meetering units and distribution head or complete cheap accord twin outlet hopper drill. 07860200799
  13. fendtfan

    wanted accord parts

    Two accord meetering units and stack pipe and distribution head or cheap 6/8 meter wanted 07860200799