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  1. Salopian_Will

    Tender to operate NRoSO?

    NROSO is considerably less onerous than that.
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    Tender to operate NRoSO?

    NROSO is part of farm assurance but My point still stands that the code recommends CPD regardless of whether you are farm assured or not. I disagree with your second point for points I have already set out. Probably more important is that without tangible evidence of agriculture acting to do...
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    Tender to operate NRoSO?

    This requirement is not created by farm assurance but government bodies. The VI was set up in response from top down requirements. If the worst happened and your sprayer driver hadn’t had any training for 30 years, it doesnt matter if your farm assured or not. The Code still applies Never in a...
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    Tender to operate NRoSO?

    Thats annoying agreed but they aren’t laid on by VI. There are countless other ways to get the points and more often than not there is no charge. Covid etc has created the demand for the courses due to the lack of in person events.
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    Tender to operate NRoSO?

    Not wanting to sound like a one man support for the VI/NROSO a quick check in companies house confirms that it is run a by a wide range of stakeholders in agriculture with representatives from National Association of Contractors, NFU, CLA, National Ag Engineers association etc etc. It was...
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    Tender to operate NRoSO?

    The law does not state that the CPD is required explicitly but it does refer to the Code of Practice within statute. The code of practice is provided by the HSE in which CPD is recommended. I.E. If you comply with the Code of Practice you will be within the Law, should the worst happen. I know...
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    Tender to operate NRoSO?

    While the operation of NROSO leaves plenty to be desired, calling for its abolition is a non-starter. It is not quite as black and white to say that it is not a legal requirement - I am pretty sure there is something somewhere, probably deriving from EU law, that requires all users to have...
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    680/85R32 MICHELIN CEREXBIB Pressure recommendation

    There is a Michelen app which will work it all out for you, which is excellent. Search Michelin pressure calculator in the App Store. Axle weights can be obtained from the combine brochure online and factor in the header and full grain tank. alternatively all of the pressure charts will be on...
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    Boom touchdown wheels

    Sounds ideal for getting caught in a rape crop...
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    Second wheat questions

    ADAS/HGCA research would suggest otherwise. The soils in the area where this study was done is not heavy land (silty clay) but sufficient body for second wheats.
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    We run a fleet of nh but never a 6090 or the high bonnet NH’s - just don’t look right. Back to the OP I would say a tier 5 T7.210. This will be the last of the current range and should, in theory, mean they are sorted. Also the tier 5s have the dual disc rear brakes.
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    How to control soft brome

    😒If you sprayed your wheat off now do you think it would grow?
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    Househam Sprayers: good or bad?

    On our second here. First was a super sprint that arrived with about 4000hrs and left with about 8000 and now an Air Ride which is now on 4,400 hrs. We’re an easy home with no spuds and no liquid fert but we would happily have another one.
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    How to control soft brome

    I would further add that broadway star has not touched meadow brome but seems to have dealt with any sterile brome.
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    How to control soft brome

    Will be interested in the collective view of pre-harvest round up. Busy roguing meadow brome out of wheat and leaving the barley on this basis. My only concern is that we had it coming up through rape last year (!) and the following wheat crop is full of it despite desiccation, albeit later than...
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    best ,machine to move a wet swath of straw????

    Leaves half of it behind, breaks up and is a pia for the following crop. Doing nothing would be my advice. If it is drying and it looks favourable to bale run through with the hay Bob a day or so before but don’t bother if you know you won’t get it.
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    rea valley

    Welshpool - the mecca of UK agriculture it seems. :cool:
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    State of your crops -2022

    Insitor second wheat Claydon drilled c10th November after Grafton seed failure. Only drilled the variety as that was all that was available. It is probably not going to break any records given the sowing date but quite pleased how it looks. Rightly or wrongly going to try a bit more Insitor...
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    Claas combine quotes

    Auger is on the right hand side.
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    Biodiversity offsetting - Anyone done it?

    Ha, poor turn of phrase on my part. I think the issue will be that the Landowner will always need to countersign the agreement in case you do walk away. I think the trig reforms will make it easier for tenants in that Landlord's will probably not be allowed to say no outright but there will...