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    Brewing your own silage Inoculant

    If I was going to multiply our inoculant , what would i use as the starter medium ?
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    Dairymaster Feeders

    would anyone have some to sell, ours are 28 years old and feeling tired.
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    Legal width on road

    Some advice please, looking at a trailed drill 11 and a half foot wide , is it legal on the road ?
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    Dairy Heifers For Sale

    29 bulling heifers for sale well grown, ready to serve now, surplus to our own requirements. 16 HF, sires Ponder and Inca 11 NR cross ,sire Gunnerstorp 2 JE cross , sire VJ Link Entered for Dairy Day sale at Carlisle on the 3rd of April. call for details Richard T. Penrith 07748485060
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    fullwood crystal program

    Just after a bit of advice from anyone who knows their way around this program. I have bought some fullwood out of parlour feeders third hand and all the previous owners cows are on there, plus alot of presonal stuff which i have deleted! how do i remove / cull their cows off for a fresh start...
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    Dairymaster out of parlour feeders

    Anyone got some for sale?
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    Water companies

    Could anyone recommend ,if they have changed supplier , a good company to sign up to. The price is bad enough at £1.83 / m3 , but its the billing that's the hassle with 7 different meters. We need someone who can send me one statement with invoices for each meter attached and not send a letter...
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    Are there any decent 2wd tractors still available ?

    we need a 2wd tractor replacement , current one sprays / teds grass etc and beds cubicles all winter , its a tight fit getting in to the row from the feed passage 15' at 90 degree turn need 90 hp , decent gear box with a spliter , flat floor would be ideal. sales when you mention 2wd go quiet...
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    crop diversification / EFA excemptions

    We have always been exempt from both of these as rule 1 applied as we have more than 75% of our land as PP and TG1, but as I was doing a final check on this years form , it said yes we are meeting the crop diversification rule , we have 4 crops anyways. The EFA however says 2.93 ha is needed so...
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    Sealing a concrete floor

    Could anyone recommend a good product for sealing an existing concrete floor in a barn. And the best way to do it. We are converting a shed for commercial storage and it will have forklifts running on it Its quite dusty at present, i have heard it can be an unpleasant job so i am trying to wash...
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    Help, i need some advice i can understand, have asked the two teenagers in the house for help and I am more confused , one informs me she has 8 email addresses. we have a windows 7 computer and use windows live mail for email I use two old talktalk addresses for junk mail / salespeople /...
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    Home brew silage additive

    does anyone do this , and what would you use as a growth medium ? i was thinking a kilo of sugar and possibly some dried egg might do it. thanks.
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    EZ Guide 250 antenna

    Hello, i managed to cut through the cable closing the cab door on thursday, we have the small patch antenna , do i need to buy a new trimble one or could anyone recommend an alternative , there seems to be hundreds on the web. before you ask i have already tried joining the wire together its a...
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    Extended DX tank

    as title ,Has anyone ever tried to extend a DX tank vertically. We currently have a 4400 l ice bank which also does the platecooler and a 8000 l DX which is our main tank ,both in a stone barn 6 metres sq. and i am looking to go EOD all year and get ARLA's bonus for flexible pickup times. I have...
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    Are we exporting electricity today?

    Has anyone found a simple way of displaying if the farm is exporting electric at a given moment ? We have 20 kw of solar and 10 kw wind on our dairy farm i have asked installers and a couple of electricians if we could have a light or something which would come on when there was a surplus, so we...
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    Question on Urea

    need some more N (10 T ) to finish our grazing season for a grass based dairy herd. usually spread a load of urea first in spring then move onto lithan or similar plus aftercut. should i buy 28t of AN and store half until may or would i be ok buying a load of urea which seems very competitive...
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    What weed

    Please could you identify this
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    solar with no inverters

    Reroofing a slate barn in our yard this year, i was going to put the slates back on the north facing side, also the yard side, and tin or fibre cement the south east side then put approx 10kw of panels on to help pay for it. Two questions - what size is a standard panel and does it matter which...
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    sussex trip advice needed

    just wondered if anyone knows a good bus company in sussex area who could organize some accommodation and drive 20 farmers around for a couple of days this spring. got some farms in mind to vist, just need to pull it together.
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    Replacement for a 800 l Hardi sprayer

    our hardi sprayer , age around 1998, is looking a bit tired . we need a decent replacement even though buying a little sprayer looks very old fashioned reading the farming press. spraying barley. fodder beet and grass on a mainly dairy farm. it lives on a 85 hp 2wd tractor all summer. needs...