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  1. mikep

    A question about JD 750 discs

    Hi thanks but I am looking for a 17" plain flat disc for another application and can't find any so I will try resharpening the worn JD ones unless you can supply those?
  2. mikep

    A question about JD 750 discs

    Thanks for the replies has anyone got 20 x 17" worn discs kicking around?
  3. mikep

    A question about JD 750 discs

    Hi. Are the JD 750 discs hardened all the way through and what diameter are they usually when replaced? The reason I ask is my drill discs are unavailable so I need to find a disc about 17" which I can then modify either the disc or hub to fit? Tia
  4. mikep

    Can Haricot/Navy beans been grown in the UK?

    And these
  5. mikep

    Can Haricot/Navy beans been grown in the UK?

    Hodmedods started these a couple of years ago.
  6. mikep

    The Red Tractor ACCS referendum

    Just to put another point about RT. I was dead against it and have already told them I'm going but.....Last year I got a contract to supply heritage wheat to a bakery, they want a lot and I cannot mill that quantity so they are contracting the milling out to one of the larger independent mills...
  7. mikep

    Weeder harrows

    Hello. I have just bought a S/H set of opico grass harrows aka weeder harrows. They are fitted with 8mm tines whereas the weeder usually comes with 6 or 7mm. We are on very heavy land so the question is will the 8mm knacker winter wheat? Tia.
  8. mikep

    Permanent clover understory

    Has anyone any idea how much N a living mulch would 'leak' into the soil available for the cash crop. Looking to try this with heritage wheat but worried about too much N especially in the spring.
  9. mikep

    Claas/Renault Ares 656rz

    Thanks for the replies. After much testing and hair pulling it was a faulty joint on the pump solenoid wire which we found by accident! It had tested OK for continuity but in the fixed position was open. Could find no visual fault with it or the wire, no corrosion and sound crimp! Anyway trimmed...
  10. mikep

    Claas/Renault Ares 656rz

    Can you check the ecu output from the pump leads or is the pulse too weak?
  11. mikep

    Claas/Renault Ares 656rz

    After the first episode mine was twice low powered and struggling when cold but if you nursed it for 5 mins it came back fine but did flash brake fluid warning light!!. Then it was fine until today.
  12. mikep

    Classic Tractor Prices.

    Put the engine in the shed as an investment and fit a hayabusa just to see what a Porsche looks like in the rear view mirror. 190hp sequential box billion rpm. Got one going in my little 1960 Morris mini sleeper.
  13. mikep

    compressor sprayer

    The nozzle is usually threaded to adjust the venturi, try turning it one way or the other.
  14. mikep

    Claas/Renault Ares 656rz

    Hello. I have a Claas 656 in which today the engine just stopped dead and won't restart. Does anyone know if sensor failure can cause this or does it just go into limp mode? It's probably the ecu or pump but I just wonder how you can find which one as guessing can get very expensive. It did this...
  15. mikep

    Hymac 580D slew box

    Err no issues? What part of my story is untrue? An answer would be nice but not expected from you judging by my experience.
  16. mikep

    Ergot Claims

    I think that is not quite true, in fact I think the trade have been.perfectly rational in this. Consider the statement that 'the solution to pollution is dilution' which is invariably true then the way they treat this is the same as cashing in on moisture by mixing loads to bring them all into...
  17. mikep

    Ergot Claims

    The whole stupid thing is that ergot is not particularly dangerous just a lot of hysteria by ignorant people. To get the outbreaks of ergotism you need roughly 2% ergot in your grain, at that level the heap is purple. Don't forget when outbreaks were common rye was the most popular grain for a...
  18. mikep

    Spring linseed advice please.

    Never forget that if you are confused and accidentally use 1.2l ha 750 mcpa thinking it was wheat it won't kill the linseed.
  19. mikep

    Looking for ancient (old 100rys plus) wheat varieties.

    Yes as a matter of fact last autumn i sowed all but one field as heritage wheats. I can add you to the list for seed this autumn if you wish just email me at [email protected] and we can go from there.
  20. mikep

    Teleporter 247 Ford engine and splitting advice.

    Thanks Quite right it's an old dog but it suits us fine as we don't have much call for it. The main problem is the transmission seal which is pissing out so it needs splitting. The parts are dirt cheap being an old 550 skid (and NH seem to have all the bits if needed which is not true of other...