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  1. Daddy Pig

    Barn Owls 2022

    We didn't have any in our Owl Box last year but looking more hopeful this year.
  2. Daddy Pig

    Anybody lost a Fendt.

    I spotted a 18 plate Fendt in a layby on the A303 eastbound about a mile west of Winterbourne Stoke at 4.00 yesterday morning, Its still there now, struck me as a bit odd.
  3. Daddy Pig

    Ford 7840 harsh pto engagement

    As above my 7840 has been getting progressively worse and is now like a dog clutch, when I turn the switch with rotaspreader on the back there is a delay of a few seconds then bang, fully engaged and the engine stalls. Any thoughts on where the problem is and how to fix ?
  4. Daddy Pig

    Who's silageing in London

    Silage gang working this afternoon coming south on the A406 North Circular to Hanger Lane then heading west on the A40. Newish looking John Deers two red trailers and one green. Any ideas where its going to and from ?
  5. Daddy Pig

    Self Assessment Tax Return

    If anyone is getting stressed at having to get their tax return done by 31st Jan you can relax for a bit. HMRC are allowing us until the end of February this year with no penalty.
  6. Daddy Pig

    Selling land for railway.

    A local group near here want to reinstate approx. 10 miles of disused rail line that was closed in the sixties their problem is that the old line has been taken back by the farms it crossed. The old corridor is still there and used by walkers cyclists and horse riders, their plan is for a much...
  7. Daddy Pig

    Ford 7840

    I'm thinking of swapping my Case IH 5130 for one of these, don't know a lot about them but there are a couple for sale locally so can any ford experts give me an opinion please and tell me the difference between the SLE and non...
  8. Daddy Pig

    Mud on footpath

    A couple of weeks ago we experienced some flash flooding. As a result of this there was severe runoff on a couple of very steep recently ploughed and drilled fields near here that deposited 4" of mud on a footpath that was built at great expense for the kids to walk to the local comprehensive...
  9. Daddy Pig

    Face masks in schools

    Received an email from my sons new school which he will be starting at on Monday stating that all pupils will have to wear face masks when moving around the school as they feel this will give parents the confidence to send their kids back to school. I am really concerned how this will affect the...
  10. Daddy Pig


    Can anyone tell me how much ballest and cement I would need to make 1 cubic meter of concrete ?
  11. Daddy Pig

    Face Masks

    Just watching a chap been interviewed at Gatwick airport on the BBC, he touched his mask 12 times is a 2 minute interview, also wondering how are immigration supposed to check people are who they say they are if their face is covered ?
  12. Daddy Pig


    outside Arla Foods North Tawton
  13. Daddy Pig


    So the Lib Dems are going to plant 60 million trees per year, any thoughts as to where they might get planted and how much it will cost ?
  14. Daddy Pig


    I've been helping out with maize harvesting over the last few days, was driving the smallest tractor and trailer combination on the fleet, all loads are weighed and I was grossing out at about 25 tonnes some of the bigger combinations were well in excess of 35 tonne when I asked the drivers why...
  15. Daddy Pig

    Spray Drift

    we live net door to commercial apple orchards,we have always had problems with spray drift but this year the amount of spraying been done has increased substantially on previous years. the main part of the problem is the design of orchard sprayers which rely on a big fan to blow the spray...
  16. Daddy Pig

    Dock challenge

    This is my neighbours field, 2nd year of a new let following wheat, can anyone beat it for dock infestation
  17. Daddy Pig

    mconnell pa35

    I've just brought a Pa35 trimmer but the A frame that fits where the top link normally goes won't fit onto my Maxxum 5130 due to the way the top link pin is recessed into the back end of the tractor, has anyone else had this problem and how did you overcome it. tia
  18. Daddy Pig

    Dorset to South Ayrshire

    Need to get a 30 tonne Boughton winch and ancillary parts from Bridport in Dorset to Kincaidston South Ayrshire , 1 double pallet and 3 single, approx. weight 4 tonnes
  19. Daddy Pig

    Where to buy milk

    people keep asking me where they should buy their milk in the vain hope that those who produce it will receive a better price
  20. Daddy Pig

    Fidlers Castle

    Does anyone know if it's still there, I know he lost the appeal and was told to demolish it but was adamant he never would