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  1. Warnesworth

    Westfield kit car rebuild

    @Vizslaman It last ran a few months ago but I din't drive it anywhere, no MOT etc . Its a 1700 crossflow, fairly racy cam and twin DCOE's, high flow oil pump, adjustable cam, etc (I built the engine) with T9 gearbox and 3.54 open diff in a Westfield diff carrier, IRS. There's no excess weight...
  2. Warnesworth

    Westfield kit car rebuild

    Ashamed to say this is how my never finished Westfield now looks. I IVA'ed and registered it in 2008 and its probably only done 200 miles since. I had great intentions, but other things got in the way.... @FIL46 what gearbox and diff are you running in that?
  3. Warnesworth

    Can we have a new prime minister now? please!

    Gove - after this? (from about 11 mins in). Whenever I need cheering up, I turn to this video, in particular the piece where the interviewer says "I'm staggered. I don't know how you're going to get out of this one, but its going to be fun" The only downside is that his interjection...
  4. Warnesworth

    Can we have a new prime minister now? please!

    I am sure there are plenty with the necessary qualities within the incumbent party , but we probably haven't heard of them, that the MP's are willing to coalesce around.
  5. Warnesworth

    Can we have a new prime minister now? please!

    What! Did you actually read my post?
  6. Warnesworth

    Can we have a new prime minister now? please!

    I am certain I cannot be the only one thinking this, and to be honest have done since the 25th July 2019. Personal politics aside when are the tory backbenchers/1922 committee going to stand up against this self-serving incompetent twit who can now only be harming their party and remove him? I...
  7. Warnesworth

    Map for Direct Drilling

    If you are going to subsoil, then subsoil and move the soil to alleviate the problem, but the subsoil must be dry otherwise you are achieving nothing other than making the situation worse. LD subsoilers are an oxymoron, pointless. The other fallacy is because they are low draft you can use...
  8. Warnesworth

    2-3” moisture layer?

    So if I’ve understood your post correctly you are re-drilling wheat into a field which has been a grass/clover ley for the last three years and the surface isn’t drying? Could this be because the decaying grass and clover is acting as a mulch, and it’s November therefore low air temp/ low sun...
  9. Warnesworth

    DD Drill and SLUGS

    When did you drill in October? What were the soil conditions like?
  10. Warnesworth

    Cambridge rolls to desiccate cover crops?

    What he said^. Plenty try and fail. Crimpers don’t have enough crimps imho. You need a good solid minus 4 for any sort of success apparently. Flailing may work providing the cut material has broken down enough by the time you want to drill, or you’re into a blocking drill world of pain.
  11. Warnesworth

    Is ploughing bad ?

    Just wait til the next edition of DD. 🤣🤣🤣
  12. Warnesworth

    Is ploughing bad ?

    It’s a nuanced subject 😎
  13. Warnesworth

    Is ploughing bad ?

    Did I mention anything about the current state, or quality, of your kit? I was trying to show that no-till drills do not have to be expensive, thereby removing one of the many objections people who want to try no-till have because they have read it on here or somewhere else. i.e. don't...
  14. Warnesworth

    Is ploughing bad ?

    The report in the OP isn't wrong to my understanding, it shows what we know, that no-till leads to stratification of, amongst many things, organic matter (OM) within the soil. But stratification is not a bad thing, all soils are stratified to some extent and not just in OM. What it doesn't...
  15. Warnesworth

    Is ploughing bad ?

    I love this fallacy. No-till drills must be expensive. I can get you a perfectly adequate no-till drill for less than 10K, in fact, it's probably already sat in your shed, stick some new openers on it. Bingo! No-tilling at no cost. p.s. this isn't rubbishing anyone's type of farming, just...
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    Any ideas on this

    Wild boar
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    This^, exactly this. Slugs are no-better or worse in any system compared to another. Like any living beast they have cycles, when the environment suits them and when it doesn't.
  18. Warnesworth

    Direct/Strip-till drilling photo gallery

    Good work there @Two Tone Don't let the pressure ease up on blackgrass control, keep your foot firmly on it's throat, especially now. You'll still have BG germinating from depth for a few years, hopefully the seed on the surface is now under the pressure of disliking its new found environment...