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  1. SuperTwo

    Massey 3600 series pto slipping

    I've got a 1993 3635 that I suspect that the pto is slipping. Is there any simple checks that I can do before ripping it apart to see if the discs are wore out?
  2. SuperTwo

    Autotronic 1 wiring diagram

    Has anyone got a wiring diagram for the above? My 3635 wont send power to the 4wd solenoid. The button appears to be working correctly and I've replaced speed sensor above the differential and still no joy. I want to check if there's power coming from the autotronic box plug to rule out a break...
  3. SuperTwo

    Massey 3635 Lift Arms not working

    As above arms not working at all. The two LEDs on the ELC do not light at all. I've checked all the basics. All fuses are ok, the alternator is charging properly, I've disconnected the draft pins individually. The toggle switch is working correctly. The autotronic function is working (turns off...
  4. SuperTwo

    Massey Ferguson 3635 Project

    I've just bought a 1993 Dynashift 3635 as a project, I've a couple of electrical gremlins that I'm working my way through. My first problem is that the 4wd is permanently stuck on. The light doesn't light on the dash at all. I've no power to the switch either. I've ran power directly to the...
  5. SuperTwo

    MF 3120 vs 3125

    Can anyone tell me what the differences between the two are?
  6. SuperTwo

    IH 1255xl draft rod settings

    Would anybody have the relevant section of the workshop manual to show how to correctly set the draft rod on a 1255xl? The draft isn't lifting the plough when hitting a tough spot I have to do it manually at the moment. Thanks.
  7. SuperTwo

    IH Industrial Loader Identification

    Can anybody identify what model this is? Dad had a quick look at it today as a potential winter project. 3 cylinder engine, no equipment on the back only weights. What transmission would be likely to have? Torque converter, shuttle, or just the regular 8 speed gearbox? Thanks.
  8. SuperTwo

    IH 1255xl oil consumption

    I'm getting sick of constantly topping up the engine oil in my 1255 so I'm biting the bullet and im going to sort it out once and for all. So far I've pulled off the exhaust manifold and ran the engine briefly with some cardboard placed over the exhaust ports. There is visible oil spatter from...
  9. SuperTwo

    Kidd double chop decal

    Has anybody got a kidd 346-6 like the one shown in the photo that could take a few photos and measurements of the decals on the back door? Thanks.
  10. SuperTwo

    Leaking spool slices

    Im slowly working my way through all the oil leaks on my 1255xl. Its been leaking between the slices circled in the photo. I've replaced the o rings already but it is still leaking. They were a good tight fit and protruded nicely but obviously not enough. Are there any better alternatives to...
  11. SuperTwo

    Eberhardt Plough

    Anyone ever heard of them? Any good? Local chap has one for sale for cheap, needs a bit of metal do parts from anything else fit them? Looks similar to the one in the photo except its a 4 furrow with what look like shock absorbers. Thanks.
  12. SuperTwo

    Emmark Parts

    Looking online for a head gasket for my 1255 and came across these guys. Do they supply good quality stuff or are they best avoided?
  13. SuperTwo

    Interesting video on diagnostic software

    I found this interesting. I just thought i'd share it here
  14. SuperTwo

    Identifying drop arm

    My Dad after buying an IH 733 with with a welded up drop arm. They're no IH logos are stamped on them which leads me to think they are ones off a different make of tractor. I thinking they may be off a Massey. Can anyone confirm? Thanks. @multi power @REStracTORATION
  15. SuperTwo

    How do you fill your fertiliser spreader?

    What methods are people using? Hanging the bags over the spreader then cutting the bottom out of the bag or do you use a machine/device for filling? Doing a bit of research for an engineering project...
  16. SuperTwo

    Mf 3085 dynashift wont select high range

    As per the title. Tortoise light is lit on the dash i tried to change it to high and it does nothing. Never had anything to do with these where do I start looking to get this sorted? Just after changing the clutch but i dont see how this would affect it
  17. SuperTwo

    Tough going!

    Some tough ground here :eek: Turbo clutch is working well!
  18. SuperTwo

    Flaking paint

    Having a big problem with primer flaking off in large lumps in places on my the tractor i'm painting. Im using the following paint and the following thinners. The paint is very thick and i have to add a lot of thinners to get it to flow through the spray gun properly. What could be causing...
  19. SuperTwo

    Leaking trailer brake

    The trailer brake block on my 1255xl is leaking oil from from this hole at the rear. Should there be a plug or something in this hole?
  20. SuperTwo

    Classic tools

    I had a rummage through an old tool box today and found a rusty steel rule. "Nice one! that will come in handy." So I proceeded to clean it up and discovered this in the back. Incase you cant read it it says H.S. Browne 1914. What a nice piece of history!