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  1. bigg6480

    Situation Vacant Combine driver

    JOB - COMBINE DRIVER job now filled thank you for looking. Combine Driver required for Harvest 2022 at R Jones and Sons, a Family farm in Leicestershire (Postcode le9 7tr) 600 acres of mixed cereals crops, on a Claas lexion 620. Full time role from last week of July to late September. Main...
  2. bigg6480

    Sumo packer roll

    Are Sumo multpress Packer roll is getting pretty worn out is it possible to get new rings to weld on? Or is it a new packer roll time?
  3. bigg6480

    The yellow tool thread.

    This is a thread for people that like dewalt tools not the red stuff. I have always got on ok with dewalt tools and if I have a problem I have always been looked after be a local tool shop and dewalt Uk.
  4. bigg6480

    What are these called?

    What are these called I need some and can’t find what I’m look for.
  5. bigg6480

    Sprayer wheels

    What size narrow wheels are people using on 4000l 28m trailed sprayers? There for a Knight eua if anyone has some? I would run on the 710s it’s on all year but I can’t see some of the people we spray liking that idea. We have the narrow wheels for the tractor already.
  6. bigg6480

    DD rings

    When are DD ring worn out on a simba Xpress?
  7. bigg6480

    Front press

    Evening Thinking about a 4m folding front press to go in front of a Lemkin combi drill what are people using? It will be on a 240hp tractor and would like to use it on all soil types and on ploughing and mintill.
  8. bigg6480

    Avadex timing

    Can avadex go on with the crop starting to emerge? or is it to late. We don’t get some on last week with it being so windy and wet.
  9. bigg6480

    Simba parts

    Are Simba parts still available or is it now the company has gone so has the backup? Not for the wearing parts but the simba only bits like frame bit rams valves and the like? Or are you on your own and have to have them made. Thanks Graham
  10. bigg6480

    LEMKEN drill

    What size/hp tractor are people using on Lemken 4m folding Combi drills?
  11. bigg6480

    20.8 r38

    After a 20.8 R38 to go on a duel wheel doesn’t need to be great tyre as long as it holds air. Be good if it wasn’t to far from Leicester. Thanks Graham
  12. bigg6480

    Cutting stock board

    What do people use to cut stock board? I need it to be a nice clean cut so I don’t think the grinder is the tool for the job.
  13. bigg6480

    Cultivators: Kongskilde - Vibro flex

    Cultivators: Kongskilde - Vibro flex Category: Cultivators Manufacturer: Kongskilde Price: £450 Condition: Used Description: Kongskilde vibro flex good condition all legs/springs good we have a new set of points to good with the machine. £450 ono Graham 07966532262 Images: See the full...
  14. bigg6480

    Fuel bowser

    What do people use to get fuel to there combine are old bowser is getting past its best so looking to change has any one got a tank in the back of a pickup? Is would mean anyone could bring fuel out and not have to have a trailer license.
  15. bigg6480

    Claas Tucano 430

    who sort of acres are people cutting with one and are they a any good?
  16. bigg6480

    Harvesting Equipment - Grain drying and handling : Other - Skandia elevator

    Harvesting Equipment - Grain drying and handling : Other - Skandia elevator Category: Harvesting Equipment - Grain drying and handling Manufacturer: Other Price: Open to offers Condition: Used Description: Is any of this lot of any interest to anyone before we scrap it. All 8 years old all...
  17. bigg6480

    Old tracks

    I'm looking for a rubber track to make a yard scraper would anyone have one or know who to ask? We are in Leicestershire but happy to travel to get one. Thanks for taking the time to read. Graham
  18. bigg6480

    MF 3080 loader

    Does anyone know of a secondhand loader to fit an MF 3080 only to load an some bales when are manitou's are doing other work. The tractor sits about at harvest as its to small for the trailer so it would give it something to do and keep some hours off the manitou's.
  19. bigg6480

    Rolling spring beans.

    Do you roll them in? We have drilled in to an ok seed bed but the drill has left some lumps on top. Never grown spring bean before.
  20. bigg6480

    Sprayer for a JD gator.

    We are getting jd gator and we want to have a sprayer in the back we only want a lance to spray down fence lines and some spot spraying. Has anyone got a recommendation of a good 12v one to fit in the back of one?