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  1. rickane

    Best round baler for straw?

    Want ability to chop and make 5 foot round bales.
  2. rickane

    Whats the best round baler out there for straw? Belts, rollers etc

    \struggling with another wet harvest and straw increasingly hard to get for square bale, whats best round baler for straw?
  3. rickane

    Claas S10 and which section control fert spreader?

    Have a Claas 650 with S10 and RTK with section control. Thinking of new fert sower, either Kverneland or Bogballe. Anyone any experience linking either of these to tractor . Should be cheaper as I have already GPS and screen? Any help appreciated cheer
  4. rickane

    Self-propelled sprayers: Case - 3000SP

    Self-propelled sprayers: Case - 3000SP Category: Self-propelled sprayers Manufacturer: Case Price: £21000 Condition: Used Description: Case 3000SP year 2000, 24m booms (can fold to 18mor20m), 540 MIchelins flotations 80%, 320 Kleber Row Crops 90%. Reversing camera, 4 LED boom lights...
  5. rickane

    Drills: Sumo - 4 metre Versaplus

    Drills: Sumo - 4 metre Versaplus Category: Drills Manufacturer: Sumo Price: Open to offers Condition: Used Description: Complete drill outfit for sale due to change in policy. 2007 Xerion 3300 with 5980 hours, 2013 4 metre Sumo Versaplus drill fitted with 2016 S&K liquid fertiliser kit...
  6. rickane

    Farming 300 ha of crops on your own? Anyone else at it and what kit do you use?

    Thinking of going 36m to speed things up
  7. rickane

    C2 Propino Seed

    I have 60 ton for sale. First batch certified at 94% germination. Purity 99,8% Zero wild Oats as its in Northern Ireland. Trade enquiries welcome. Obviously to keep transport cost down would need to be by lorry load.
  8. rickane

    OSR postem herbicides

    Whats the plan, hard to know how much to spend, but weeds need to be dealt with. Would 2 litres of katamaran turbo or Shadow do job til Kerb in Winter? How much does everyone spend per Ha/
  9. rickane

    Big balers and knotters!

    I know everyone says MF/NH/hesston balers are the best, one of the reasons is there is never any pressure on the knotters as they double knot. I had a welgar and it held the string so pressure was on knotter and it gave plenty of trouble. Does the claas baler hold on to string? Any...
  10. rickane

    Crop recording app for phone

    Anyone using or know of a simple app to record crop, fert and spray. Spoke to a few companies some only based on apple, want it for android. And im not for paying 1000's, the pencil and notebook would do!
  11. rickane

    Where to get parts (new or used) for Welgar D6000 baler

    Looking for needles and needle carrier
  12. rickane

    Which Combine for damper conditions???????

    Might be looking to change combine pre harvest and just looking for others experiences with Claas, New Holland, MF and John Deere. Regularly cutting wheat between 20-25%, sometimes for crimping at 35%! Heavy crops with big straw yields are the norm. Straw quality is important too so probably...
  13. rickane

    3m Sumo Trio and DF2 tank

    True 3m 2009 Sumo Trio D-Spec for sale with fert/grain distribution heads, adjustable coulters factory fitted by Sumo, andrew guest scribers and rds tramliner. class 3 top link included.1996 Accord DF2 front tank in working order. For sale as moved to bigger sumo drill, hasnt been used for 15...
  14. rickane

    Roll emerged spring oilseed???

    Didnt roll sping oilseed and now wish I had! ! Anybody ever rolled oilseed which is sau an inch tall without damaging it?
  15. rickane

    Starter fert applications

    Looking to put some sort of nutrients down with seed. Any thoughts/advice on liquid or microgranular or granular? And what system used? Cheers
  16. rickane

    3m sumo trio with accord df2 front tank

    True 3m 2009 Sumo Trio for sale with fert/grain distribution heads, andrew guest scribers and rds tramliner. 1996 Accord DF2 front tank in working order. For sale as moved to bigger sumo drill, hasnt been used for 15 months. Pm email for pics