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  1. GJG

    Fuel price tracker

    Who was that with ?
  2. GJG

    Rabe Power Harrow Shaft

    Thanks Late reply. possibly the parts from 39 to 47. Its to drive the ph from the rear, as i intend to front mount it
  3. GJG

    Massey 36/7256 combine wanted

    I have a 38 for sale. Low hours. 2333 engine hours 1570 Harv hours 2827 ha
  4. GJG

    Rabe Power Harrow Shaft

    Main gearbox through shaft / stub shaft. The one out the back of gearbox that would have a pulley on it to drive a fan. Or heavy duty one so could run power Harrow on front linkage. Model Rabe PKE
  5. GJG

    Flail rotor balancing.

    Votex. @ Hereford
  6. GJG

    Agricultural shed

    Pm your tel number please
  7. GJG

    Agricultural shed

    Hi is this one still available Thanks
  8. GJG

    6 furrow kV plough

    May sell my 6f Kuhn. Has all the bits on it
  9. GJG

    John Deere 7310R

    I will have my 67 reg 2017 5000 hour fsh for sale in the spring. Owned from new.
  10. GJG

    Wanted Massey 36 or similar combine

    Yes could be
  11. GJG

    Wanted Massey 36 or similar combine

    Hi. What sort of value is the combine ? Where are you ? Thanks
  12. GJG

    JCB or similar digger

    JCB 3 to 6 ton digger on tracks wanted. Age not too important. Sensible hours. Tidy & well maintained if poss.
  13. GJG

    Terra tyres/floatation tyres

    I have a set inc fronts the same for sale.
  14. GJG

    MF 6499 Spool Valves

    They are different to the 77 I have. Just seems no power. As if a fuse has gone ?
  15. GJG

    MF 6499 Spool Valves

    Thanks. That’s not a 6499. I’m sure mines different Will check Think my soloneid is in the middle of the block
  16. GJG

    MF 6499 Spool Valves

    I need a few pics to point me in the right place. Just to confirm the fingertips are electric , but wont now operate the 4 spools. The blue button you have to press to activate them is now flashing a code one flash slow two flash slow three flash slow 4 flash FAST
  17. GJG

    MF 6499 Spool Valves

    Massey 11 reg Fingertip spools , the datatronic ones, have stopped working. The red light is flashing a code which im told is lack or no power going to the spools. They work ok manually by using the small levers on the block. Is there a Fuse ? In the book it says 3 & 4 are fused , but all 4...
  18. GJG

    Bowden Cables

    Hi £125. But will check how many there are Hereford
  19. GJG

    Bowden Cables

  20. GJG

    MF 1155

    I have a V8 Perkins available. Think it’s a 540 , it’s still in a Ford Cargo.