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  1. steveR

    Made me chuckle. Omnivores fight back.

    Restaurant scraps plant-based dishes after becoming fed up with 'holier-than-thou' vegans The Isle of Wight cafe defended itself against 'nasty' and 'bullying' vegans who were furious that their diet wasn't catered for ByTelegraph Reporters12 August 2022 • 2:02pm The Kitchen at London House...
  2. steveR

    APHA Text

    Has everyone had the APHA text message this morning warning us to feed and water our stock in the hot weather..... Methinks that they are taking the pee a bit!! Good stockmen and women know all this, the crap one's take no notice anyway!! :(
  3. steveR

    RPA Research Group

    Just had an "invite" to join in... No doubt many others will also have the email. Will it be better than the DEFRA offering of co-design and farmer feedback and interaction? Well, it cannot be worse!! Dear Sir or Madam Our Research and Insight Network Group The...
  4. steveR

    Infrastructure Problems

    It's not only rural areas with poor connectivity issues... From Telegraph today No new homes in West London as electricity grid runs out of capacity Housebuilders have been told it could take until 2035 to get new developments hooked up to the electricity network ByMatt Oliver28 July 2022 •...
  5. steveR

    2 Martin Lishman grain drying pedestal fans available

    Single phase with 13amp sockets. Not been used for several years since I gave up growing cereals. Also got a fair number of the pedestals here. Classifieds won't take the ad, so I thought I'd pop it here... ;) Drop me a PM if interested.
  6. steveR

    Stitching in Plantain and Chicory, rates??

    Going to be stitching in some clover shortly... I would like to add some Plantain and Chicory to the mix, but cannot get my head around seed rates! Anyone got a recommendation at that worked for them Going into PP, eithe broadcast and harrowed, or DD.
  7. steveR

    Rewilding Madness in the Pyrenees

    Brown bears vs farmers: the dark side of rewilding It is hailed as a triumph of conservation - but the return of these apex predators to the Pyrenees is having a profound impact on farmers ByJoe Shute, SENIOR FEATURE WRITER17 July 2022 • 6:00am The bear population in the Pyrenees is higher...
  8. steveR

    Supplement feeding of ewes and lambs?

    The anticipated aftermath has failed to arrive as a result of the dry weather* and as a result the easycare flock is getting grumpy and unhappy. :unsure: I am feeding a bit of hay on the field which is going... I hope to be able to get a pull in about 2 weeks time then wean in 4 weeks onto a...
  9. steveR

    Classifieds issue

    I have been trying to put up a new advert in classifieds, but on completing the first page, I keep getting a : 502 Bad Gateway Any suggestions please? I have tried several times now Cheers SteveR
  10. steveR

    Offset topper recommendations?

    It is looking like I will have to top under the leading edge of the Panels this time, as my Welshman did not bring enough sheep this time! I have tried with the 2 finishing type mowers I have, and while the 1.8m almost does it, I am driving far too close to the panels for comfort... :rolleyes...
  11. steveR

    Groundswell in Telegraph

    Sorry, I cannot link this as it is I think it is locked down... Farmers and environmentalists are natural allies The government spends £2.6 billion on food each year - by doing this more wisely it can make Britain healthier and more beautiful CHARLES MOORE28 June 2022 • 7:00am Farmers tend to...
  12. steveR

    Groundswell 2022 Videos are up.

    Great to see the first tranche are up already, including one of the unexpected highlights (for me), of Lennart Ollson on perennial cereals.
  13. steveR

    Easycare Yearlings wanted

    Looking to get a few more for this Autumn's tupping, and to eat off too much grass in a solar farm. Wanting "pure" type stock as opposed to crossed. About 20-25, or a trailer load ;) Based in Telford, so Welsh Borders or WM.
  14. steveR

    Using a syphon to move water from cattle tank, to a lower sheep trough

    One of the collective please, as I know someone here will be up to speed on syphons. I have a 1000l water tank, filled from an adjacent watercourse using a solar powered 12v pump, with a float switch in the tank. Works just fine. However, I want to use a much lower tank or container for the...
  15. steveR

    Govt Ethics adviser resigns

    So after a few days of will he, won't he, Lord Giedt resigned. Well, we all know that the thought of morality or ethics,in Govt or in private life, is an anathema to Bojo and a fair number of the Cabinet, so it must have been a thankless job at the best of times. But what a pity that instead of...
  16. steveR

    Shrewsbury LA, stuck in the dark ages?

    Popped to Shewsbury Auction today and dropped of some cull ewes. Herself was with me, and went wandering off up the Lairage and came back to me washing off the trailer, and said there are some little weanlings in today, so after a quick look, we decided to come back and try on a couple of...
  17. steveR

    Redgut in Lambs

    Never seen this before but lost a 5-6 week old cade earlier in the week with what the Vet thinks was redgut. Cause was a well meaning person moving the small pen the 4 cades were on and they got too much super fresh grass instead of just poking their heads through the bars... :( Got another one...
  18. steveR

    Smart meters and PV

    I have had a couple of increasingly insistent messages from Eon, wnating me to allow them to install a Smart Meter here. I have seen and heard enough about them to resist one. However, the real concern I have, is how well they are working with a PV array now? The first roll out would not work...
  19. steveR

    Useless digging himself a deeper hole.. from Torygraph.

    ‘Patronising’ minister tells families to switch to value supermarket brands to ease cost of living George Eustice, the Environment Secretary, sparks uproar at ‘insulting’ advice for people struggling with spiralling prices ByNick Gutteridge4 May 2022 • 12:21pm George Eustice said switching to...
  20. steveR

    Agreena and Carbon Credits with STW

    I have been approached by my STEPS adviser from Severn Trent Water with an offer that might be interesting. Severn Trent have teamed up with . For 1 year ST will cover your subscription (€100/month) to their service and may offer a reduced rate in subsequent years. The...